Top Chef Amateurs is Bravo’s newest tasty creation

Suffering Top Chef withdrawal? Bravo has the antidote with Top Chef Amateurs.

Once Melissa King was crowned the winner of Top Chef All Stars earlier this year, fans of the show immediately went in search of prior seasons to binge watch so they can maintain a steady diet of Top Chef programming until the show returns with Season 18 from Portland.

While viewers scrambled for classic content, the award-winning team at Magical Elves headed back into the creative kitchen and whipped up Top Chef Amateurs.

With Gail Simmons at the helm, the answer to viewers’ culinary wishes will invite talented home chefs into the Top Chef kitchen, where they’ll joined by an impressive array of Top Chef alumni that includes Eric Adjepong (S 16 & 17), Richard Blais (S 4 & 8), Jen Carroll (S 6, 8 & 17), Shirley Chung (S 14), Stephanie Cmar (S 11 & 17), Tiffany Derry (S 7 & 8), Joe Flamm (S 15), Gregory Gourdet (S 12 & 17), Melissa King (S 12 & 17), Kwame Onwuachi (S 13), Dale Talde (S 4 & 8), and Isaac Toups (S 13).

If you’ve ever dreamed of contributing to Top Chef, now’s your chance with Top Chef Amateurs.

As if having Top Chef Amateurs to look forward to isn’t enough, fans can actually have a voice in the competition by helping producers choose between two memorable challenges from the past. If you head to the show’s Twitter handle @BravoTopChef by Friday, October 23, you can vote for either the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge or the Aphrodisiac Challenge by using the hashtag #TopChefSeven or #TopChefAphrodisiac.

The former challenged cheftestants to prepare a seven-course meal reflecting the order of the seven deadly sins, which are pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth, while the latter tasked the chefs with creating dishes that use ingredients that are thought to be aphrodisiacs. Hello, oysters?! Truffles anyone?!

From where I sit, the thought of watching a show that features talented home chefs being welcomed into the iconic Top Chef kitchen by the universally-adored Gail Simmons and some of the most popular cheftestants from seasons past is nothing less than an unexpected gift. All that’s missing from this exciting news about the eventual arrival of Top Chef Amateurs is a giant bow.

Which Top Chef Amateurs challenge will you vote for? Seven Deadly Sins? Aphrodisiac?