Top Chef finale locales ranked: Which foodie destination is worthy of packing your knives?

TOP CHEF -- "Parma" Episode 1713 -- Pictured: (l-r) Evan Funke, Tom Colicchio -- (Photo by: Ernesto Ruscio/Bravo)
TOP CHEF -- "Parma" Episode 1713 -- Pictured: (l-r) Evan Funke, Tom Colicchio -- (Photo by: Ernesto Ruscio/Bravo) /

Top Chef finale locales are often foodie destinations, but which location ranks number one?

For many foodies, Top Chef is the ultimate food TV show, and the Top Chef finale locales add to that food TV prestige. From exotic escapes to domestic food meccas, the list of these finale locales represent the ultimate food bucket list. If you are craving some food travel, this Top Chef ranking list could be your tasty vacation planner.

With Top Chef streaming Top Chef Seasons 1 through 16 on Peacock (Season 17 isn’t on Peacock, yet), it is a great time to revisit all the Top Chef moments. From kitchen drama to innovative recipes, Top Chef has a way of pushing the culinary creativity. From World Food Day to every day, Top Chef offers culinary inspiration in each episode.

Although everyone will have an opinion, here is one person’s take on the Top Chef finale locales ranked. Where should your food travel wanderlust take you next?

Ready to travel to these Top Chef finale locales.

16. Top Chef Season 9: British Columbia

While it might be a picturesque location, it can be a little chilly. Then again, the Pacific salmon and spot prawns are worth a visit.

15. Top Chef Season 4: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Although Puerto Rico is trying to rebuild, the rich history comes through in its humble food. From a mofungo to tostones, there are plenty of dishes to try.

14. Top Chef Season 10: Los Angeles

Everyone knows that Los Angeles has a bustling food scene, but many people have explored it. If you are looking to revisit some of your favorite restaurants and celebrity chefs, take a trip back to L.A.

13. Top Chef Season 2: Waikoloa Village, Hawaii

For a getaway to the Big Island, this Hawaiian location is a great option. While it is a resort, you can expect to find some tasty treats along the way.

12. Top Chef Season 8: Ontario

Ontario has a very dynamic food scene. Many people think that Ontario is one of the best kept foodie locale secrets.

11. Top Chef Season 14: Guadalajara and the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Although many people stay at luxury resorts in the area, the street food in the area needs to be explored. Sometimes the humble dishes are the most flavorful.

10. Top Chef Season 3 and 15: Aspen

Given that Aspen is a getaway mecca for celebrities, wealthy and foodies, the food scene has some of the best restaurants around. If you can tear yourself away from the slopes, you might roam from restaurant to restaurant in search of the perfect bite.

9. Top Chef Season 7: Singapore

While you might not be exploring street markets, the area offers a variety of Michelin Star restaurants. Maybe you could channel a moment from Crazy Rich Asians in addition to Top Chef.

8. Top Chef Season 9: British Columbia

Foodies have come to love British Columbia and the Vancouver area. From wine themed hotels to multicultural cuisine, you will need more than a weekend to explore all of the tasty offerings.

7. Top Chef Season 11: Maui

From Sam Santo’s noodles to local fish, there are many interesting dishes to explore in this picturesque location. Try exploring some local places, too. Sometimes the best places to eat may be on the side of the road.

6. Top Chef Season 6: Napa, California

Although California has been ravaged by fire, Napa is and will continue to be a foodie destination. From the iconic wines to the California cheese trail, there are many delicious delights to explore in the California region.

5. Top Chef Season 5: New Orleans

One of the foodie meccas, New Orleans should be on many people’s foodie bucket lists. From the classic beignets to the robust flavors in a gumbo, there are so many reasons to eat and eat more in New Orleans.

4. Top Chef Season 12: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

From the artisan cheeses to the local wines, the food scene here is more than street tacos. Exploring the area shows that Mexican food is nuanced and full of stories that people need to explore.

3. Top Chef Season 1 and 13: Las Vegas

The old saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas might not be the best idea for foodies. With so many celebrity chef restaurants, you might need a photo recap of all the amazing plates. It would take more than a month to eat at all the top ranked dining destinations, even some Top Chef alum restaurants.

2. Top Chef Season 16: Macau, China

If you are willing to take a long flight, Macau, China should be on the foodie destination list. From the captivating food markets to the high-end restaurants, Macau is a food paradise. It will make you wish that more U.S. restaurants looked to this area for inspiration.

1. Top Chef Season 17: Italy

It is hard to imagine that it took Top Chef 17 seasons to head to Italy. Whether you linger through Tuscany or wander the streets of Rome, Italy will always be a top foodie destination.

With Top Chef Season 18 filming now, where will the next Top Chef finale location be? Everyone will have to wait and see. Until then, tune into Peacock and re-live your favorite Top Chef moments again and again.

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What was your favorite Top Chef season? Have you traveled to any of the Top Chef finale locales?