Food Network shows Restaurant Hustle is mantra for many chefs

New Food Network Documentary, Restaurant Hustle photo provided by Food Network
New Food Network Documentary, Restaurant Hustle photo provided by Food Network /

In its first documentary, Food Network shows chefs in a real-life Restaurant Hustle.

How would you define Restaurant Hustle? Food Network viewers turn in to watch celebrated chefs make mouthwatering dishes with ease. In its first documentary, Restaurant Hustle, four well-known chefs document the real-life struggles of the restaurant industry. While guests crave stunning plate of food, the people creating that food are in a real-life struggle to stay afloat.

At the start of the COVID pandemic, many people jumped at the chance to help their favorite local restaurants. When the doors closed and the tables sat empty, restaurants learned the over used word pivot. Instead of table service, food was served in take-out take containers. Still, many chefs tried to adapt to the uncertainty that faced them.

In Restaurant Hustle, the Food Network documentary envisioned by Guy Fieri shows four chefs as they navigated the restaurant waters. Beyond the struggle to keep a business afloat, this documentary shows that chefs and the restaurant industry offer more than just delicious food that satisfies. They offer a nourishment that people need in times of crisis.

“I’ve traveled coast to coast visiting thousands of restaurants across the country on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and after all the time on the road, it’s clear that restaurants are the heart and soul of their communities,” said Guy Fieri.

Restaurant Hustle 2020: All on the Line chronicles the experiences of Maneet Chauhan, Antonia Lofaso, Christian Petroni and Marcus Samuelsson as they faced the unprecedented challenges that the novel coronavirus had on their restaurants as well as their communities. While this documentary will look at the restaurant business aspect that closures had, it is more than that idea.

As seen with many chefs during these difficult times, a restaurant is more than just a location to enjoy a delicious meal. That restaurant is a vital part of the community. Beyond the many employees that help to keep a restaurant serving guests, that food and those tables serve as a place where people gather. That sense of community is as important as the food on the plate.

Additionally, many chefs believe that food can be universal language and a way to show compassion. Who hasn’t brought a dish to a friend or neighbor when they are going through difficult times? Many chefs do exactly the same thing, just on a larger scale, especially during these trying times.

While no one can predict how the restaurant industry will recover from the past year, one thing is certain. Restaurant Hustle is more than just keeping a thriving business afloat. That hustle is a desire to keep a community thriving.

Restaurant Hustle 2020: All on the Line is from executive producer Guy Fieri. The documentary will debut at the virtual 2020 DOC NYC Festival in November. It will air on Food Network, Sunday, December 27 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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