Longbranch bourbon, flavorful connections are just a cocktail glass away

Matthew McConaughney and Longbranch, photo provided by Longbranch
Matthew McConaughney and Longbranch, photo provided by Longbranch /

Toast the stars with Longbranch bourbon and make a connection across the miles.

While America’s spirit can be quite diverse, Longbranch bourbon weaves tradition and nuance into a delightful spirit that often surprises the bourbon drinker. Made by Wild Turkey, the classic bourbon brand partnered with Matthew McConaughey to create this particular offering. Just like the name conveys, this bourbon connects two different worlds.

Over the past several years, bourbon has seen a surge in popularity. From the classic cocktails featuring the liquor to coveted limited edition offerings, America’s spirit has filled many home bars. Still, not all bourbons are created equal.

While there are regulations that make bourbon different than whiskey, some people believe that true bourbon must come from Kentucky. Without going into the long history, there is a belief that the location, not just the ingredients, is part of the lore of a great bourbon.

For Wild Turkey, history and tradition are part of its legacy. As the only brand to have a father and son master distillery team, their offerings reflect that honored bourbon making tradition. The attention to detail and the dedication to craft comes through in each bottle produced.

With Longbranch bourbon, Wild Turkey took a different approach to the collaboration. In the truest sense of the world, this bourbon is a collaboration between McConaughey and Eddie Russell. From testing to final product, these two men developed a bourbon that they both wanted.

During a call with McConaughey and Russell, the two told stories about the bourbon making process. How batches were sent back and forth. Which version had the right level of mesquite notes or what was that missing flavor that just needed to uplift the bourbon drinking experience.

McConaughey mentioned that he only puts his name behind a brand that he truly supports. As a Wild Turkey fan, this collaboration was a natural extension for him. Why not have his own signature bourbon made by a company that he enjoyed.

While McConaughey might not have the master distillery language like Russell, the pair found a way to communicate about the drinking experience. That idea seems to come through as a regular person enjoys this bourbon. It is more than just pouring three fingers in your favorite rocks glass. It is an invitation to contemplate, enjoy the experience and appreciate the moment.

Through the bourbon making process, the pair created Longbranch bourbon not just with McConaughey and his flavor profile in mind. This bourbon is far from a vanity project. Beyond the approval of other family members and friends, both the experience bourbon drinker and the newbie will appreciate the nuanced flavor.

As an 8 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Longbranch bourbon varies from other offerings because of the influence of Texas Mesquite and American Oak charcoals. While these descriptions might mean a lot to some bourbon experts, the regular person will focus on the balance of both smoky and sweet.

From the mesquite flavor, there is the smoke notes. While not Texas barbecue flavor, the mesquite wood has a clear flavor. It is like that flavor in the back of your mouth that makes you want to take another taste.

At the same time, the smoothness and sweetness entice with each sip. It is almost like a mystery that you want to unravel. Even when the glass is empty, you want to discover more.

Longbranch bourbon
Longbranch bourbon, photo provided by Longbranch /

First and foremost, Longbranch bourbon is delightful drunk neat. Sipped at the end of the day, as the night falls and the stars rise, it is the perfect escape. Or, enjoyed on a peaceful afternoon as the smoker cooks that brisket for dinner, the bourbon is an anytime option.

For bourbon drinkers who prefer a cocktail, a simple cocktail can be quite lovely. Even just a splash of fresh lemonade, honey syrup and a lemon twist can make this bourbon shine. At the same time, it can work in a more complex offering. The bourbon invites creativity behind the bar.

As the name of the bourbon implies, there are long branches that connect people. In the end, those connections add to life’s enjoyment. Maybe it is time to pour a glass of Longbranch bourbon and find those connection wherever they may be.

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Have you tried Longbranch bourbon? What is your favorite bourbon?