Prince Amukamara, NFL Cornerback, shares Why I Dash with DoorDash

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For Prince Amukamara and other Dashers, Why I Dash is more than DoorDash delivery.

When that DoorDash delivery arrives, a Dasher, like Prince Amukamara, brings that food to your home. While many people wouldn’t expect a NFL Cornerback to be behind that food delivery, many Dashers have stories to tell. Could that next order be part of a Dash for good?

As food delivery becomes part of people’s normal routine, those people who delivery that favorite meal to your door might have an unique story to tell. In a new campaign, Why I Dash, many Dashers will be lending a voice to the reasons why they are part of the DoorDash platform.

Earlier this year, Arizona Cardinals cornerback, Prince Amukamara joined the DoorDash platform as a Dasher, a person who delivers that DoorDash order. His decision to join the team was to Dash for good by supporting his community.

During the off season, Amukamara completed 300 deliveries and his earnings were donated to the Others Foundation. In addition to Amukamara’s donation’s DoorDash has donated $25,000 to the Others Foundation.

Amukamara said, ““Well, we do lots of work to raise money for Others [Foundation], but in this situation, I was new to Las Vegas, and my family was still back in Chicago. I was thinking about positive ways to occupy my time. Additionally, COVID had just started to spread and lockdowns were starting to be put in place. I saw more and more people needing help and needing food. Grocery stores were packed and shelves were empty. So, I thought helping people get the food they need would be a good opportunity to help. I could help people in need while helping my foundation. Win-win.”

This idea is why some Dashers choose to work for the company. Through the program, #WhyIDash, DoorDash is encouraging Dashers to share their stories why they choose to Dash. A few Dashers will have a change to meet Amukamara. To read more of these stories, look for #WhyIDash on socials.

Next time you place a DoorDash order, consider thanking the person who brings your delivery. Every person has a story and it is time for those stories to be told.

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How often do you order order food delivery? What is your reason for placing an order?