Best vegan mashed potatoes recipe is easy with this secret ingredient

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Looking for the best vegan mashed potatoes recipe, better use this secret ingredient.

Mashed potatoes are often a favorite comfort food and this best vegan mashed potatoes recipe will be the star of the table. After a bite, everyone, not just plant-based food fans, will want to learn the secret ingredient. It might become a food staple in your kitchen.

For many people, mashed potatoes are a Thanksgiving dinner staple, a favorite comfort food and an iconic side dish. While everyone has a preferred mashed potato recipe, the majority of recipes call for copious amounts of butter, milk and even sour cream.

While all those ingredients make for flavorful, decadent mashed potatoes, people who follow a plant-based food diet would prefer to eliminate those dairy ingredients from a recipe. Luckily, there is a flavorful solution.

To be clear, you can make mashed potatoes just by mashing potatoes, adding some water and seasonings. But, this recipe option doesn’t necessarily have the same creamy, rich texture that some mashed potato recipes offer.

The secret to the best vegan mashed potatoes recipe is the new Boursin Dairy-Free Cheese Spread Alternative. While Boursin cheese has been a secret ingredient in many recipes, this secret ingredient could be the big game changer for mashed potatoes.

The new Boursin Dairy-Free Cheese Spread Alternative is a garlic and herbs flavor. It is made with organic coconut oil and organic expeller-pressed canola oil. Basically, it is a spreadable, creamy cheese dairy-free alternative.

By using this secret ingredient, the mashed potatoes get that creamy texture that people love. Additionally, the garlic and herb flavor is a classic combination for potatoes. How much you add depends on preference. Basically, add enough Boursin cheese to your taste level and desired creaminess. Even consider adding some fresh herbs on top.

If you have a diet-inclusive table, this vegan mashed potato recipe could be everyone’s favorite side dish. Whether or not you want to share the secret ingredient is up to you.

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