Tastiest macaroni and cheese upgrade is simply delicious

Taste of Epcot preview, photo by Cristine Struble
Taste of Epcot preview, photo by Cristine Struble /

You don’t have to search hard for the tastiest macaroni and cheese upgrade.

From grandma’s recipe to a chef’s culinary creation, the tastiest macaroni and cheese upgrade can be found in one simple ingredient. That secret ingredient might already be a favorite food on that cheese plate.

These best macaroni and cheese recipe can be a hotly debated subject. From the pro breadcrumbs camp to the Velveeta lovers, macaroni and cheese can almost be divisive. Add to that conversation the additional flavors like lobster and macaroni and cheese purists start to get vocal.

As one of the most iconic comfort foods, macaroni and cheese is that dish that seems to always satisfy. Whether it is that boxed variety or a homemade version, people just enjoy a pasta smothered in tasty cheese sauce.

Still, not all macaroni and cheese recipes are created equal. Some people prefer combinations of cheeses that are slowly melted into that bechamel sauce. Others prefer that old school recipe of just cheddar cheese (or sometimes Velveeta).

If you are looking for the tastiest macaroni and cheese upgrade that is simple and delicious, it is all about this one ingredient, Boursin Cheese. Yes, a topping of this cheese can and does change the macaroni and cheese experience.

At this year’s Taste of Epcot, the Mac and Cheese marketplaces features a variety of macaroni and cheese dishes. One dish stood out and it will change how you serve macaroni and cheese at home.

Taste of Epcot, tastiest macaroni and cheese
Four varieties of macaroni and cheese dishes are available at Mac & Cheese Hosted by Boursin Cheese, one of 20-plus Global Marketplaces in the Taste of EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. This is the 25th year for the EPCOT culinary festival at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. (Steven Diaz, photographer) /

The Gourmet macaroni and cheese was served with a serving of Boursin Cheese on top of the pasta. As the Boursin slowly melted into the dish, the flavors combine into a delicious bite. The tangy herbs brightened the luscious cheese and pasta.

Also, since there was a generous helping of Boursin, you can control the portion. Whether you mix it all together, take a bite at a time or a combination of both, the flavor experience is delightful.

While a Taste of Epcot visit to try this dish (and the other macaroni and cheese dishes) is a great idea, Disney Parks Blog has shared the official Disney recipe. From the Boursin Cheese to those seasoned panko bread crumbs, your family is in for a treat.

For the home cook, any macaroni and cheese recipe can get this tasty upgrade. With various flavors in the Boursin Cheese lineup you can create numerous versions. In a way, it reinvents macaroni and cheese every time.

If you are ready to try the tastiest macaroni and cheese, it is time to get cooking.

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