Kira Stokes shares how Power Hour and Muscle Milk can get people energized

Kira Stokes, celebrity personal trainer, photo provided by Kira Stokes
Kira Stokes, celebrity personal trainer, photo provided by Kira Stokes /

Give Kira Stokes a Power Hour and you might feel motivated to keep moving.

What motivates you to get moving? Kira Stokes, celebrated trainer and founder of the Stoked Method, has inspired many people to get moving. Even though she trains celebrities and her abs would make anyone envious, her proven training methods have been adapted by many people, even that weekend warrior. As people look to find balance in their lives, her Power Hour workouts in collaboration with Muscle Milk, inspired everyone to take a few minutes to get moving for themselves.

Some people are enamored with the idea of working out. Whether it is the sweat, the sense of accomplishment or just positive feelings after that workout, some people cannot wait to get moving.

Other people might prefer to spend their free time binge watching another show with a bowl of snacks. While there is a time and place for that indulgence, incorporating some movement into the day is good for both the body and soul.

Recently, Muscle Milk partnered with Kira Stokes on the idea of Power Hour. Kicked off on November 1, the program showcases some workouts on the Muscle Milk Instagram page.

While these programs share a Stokes work out, the workouts are adaptable for anyone. Whether you haven’t run a mile in 20 years or you hit a spin class every morning, these new workouts could be the change in routine to spark a new appreciation for a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to Kira Stokes. She was gracious enough to share some working out insight, some helpful tips and even some easy ideas to make it through the holidays.

For some people, they can think of many excuses to skip a workout. Even though that first workout might be a big step, it is the step that anyone can take. Stokes suggests a simple plan.

Stokes said, “When you’re starting a fitness routine, it’s important to not compare yourself to anyone else. Being happy with what your body can do at that particular time and not getting frustrated is key. Small goals lead to big results… Change doesn’t happen overnight. Consistency is key, but give yourself grace and take it one step at a time.”

While it might seem that some people have instant changes, it is about the long term, almost lifestyle change. No matter the type of movement, Stokes has a variety of suggestions.

Stokes said, “In terms of strength training, I would advise to start with core focused workouts as your core is the power house of your body and where the majority of your movement stems from. In addition, walking is a great first step (literally and figuratively)! Investing in yourself is always a worthwhile investment so hiring a trainer or downloading an app by a certified recognized fitness professional will help you feel confident about your movement. I would recommend the Kira Stokes Fit App.”

While taking the first step might be difficult, a fitness rut can wipe away that excitement to keep working out. For Stokes, the answer to avoiding that fitness rut is easy.

Stokes said, “Try something new! Working out at home can open the door to trying new modalities. It’s also important to make sure you’re constantly challenging yourself. You can do this by increasing the weights you use, trying out new equipment or joining a class online with friends.“

Even just a little change can make a difference. For example, the time of day can be that spark. Stokes said, “Another way to get out of a fitness rut is by changing the time of day you workout can help shock your body into shape. You will be surprised in both your mind and muscles by shaking things up.”

Still, some people like to put that workout on the calendar. Making sure that there is “me-time” can be helpful for a fulfilled day.

For example, Stokes said, “It’s always a good idea to set aside time for a workout, however I would not suggest treating it like a work meeting as movement is a gift, and should be treated as such.”

At the same time, having that time and space that is dedicated to working out is important. Stokes said, “When we go to the gym, we don’t have the same distractions as at home, so it’s important to be able to really mentally invest yourself in the workout regardless of where you’re at. In addition to your dedicated time, it’s also important to throw in a “Stoked snack” here and there to keep your energy up and body moving.”

For Stokes, and many people, the idea is about the long haul of an overall healthy lifestyle. Stokes believe that “Working out for longevity and functionality is what really matters, visible results are often a goal, but long term it’s about your overall health. The goal should be maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

Just like how the food world is focusing on “lifestyle choices,” word choice can impact people’s outlook. Stokes said, “The word “diet” does not exist in my vocabulary because it’s not a positive word, and it also denotes that it’s not something you can maintain for the rest of your life. If you can’t maintain it for the long-haul, it’s generally not something that should be a part of your life for the short term either. You will get the results you want if you’re patient, persistent and consistent! There’s no quick fix.”

Since a healthy eating lifestyle encompasses all aspects of a person’s life, being active and making smart food choices that fit your lifestyle choices. While everyone is different, it is important to be conscious in those eating choices.

For Stokes, she knows what works for her. She said, “What works for me personally pre-workout is our complex carbs, for example: oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, chick pea pasta, etc. And post-workout, I make sure I have the proper ratio of protein to carbs. It depends on bodyweight, again this is personal but I make sure I have at least 25g of protein post-workout, which is where Muscle Milk’s Genuine ready-to-drink shakes fit in perfectly.”

Although everyone is different, Muscle Milk is a popular choice in my house. With two competitive swimmers in the house, a post swim practice Muscle Milk has worked for us. It helps to refuel those hungry swimmers.

The idea of balance is important to being able to maintain those active lifestyle choices. Even if you wanted to workout for an entire day, the rest in between those workouts is vital.

Stokes said, “The biggest growth for your muscles occurs during rest. You won’t get the results you want if you’re constantly putting stress on your body without proper rest. A rest day doesn’t have to mean don’t move your body, it can be active rest which can include a walk, some mobility work, foam rolling and perhaps using a Theragun. It’s also vital to make sure you’re refueling post-workout, which has to include protein, and Muscle Milk is obviously a great source of that!”

Lastly, life can get busy. Even with the best intentions, it can be possible to miss a workout, especially during the holidays. The key is to keep focusing on the long-term.

Stokes said, “If you have a crazy busy day and you can’t make time for a workout, don’t let it frustrate you or lament on not getting it in. There are two sections on my app “Fine Tuning” and “Kira’s Curbside Pickup” which provide you with quick “Movement Snacks” aka “Stoked Snacks.” Every little bit counts and keeping that mentality during the holidays can be very beneficial.”

Don’t wait for the calendar to turn to a new year to make a lifestyle change. Take a moment and get moving. It might be the spark that brings you joy during the day.

FoodSided would like to thank Kira Stokes for speaking with us and Muscle Milk for facilitating this interview.

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