Holiday Wars turns Santa into a new type of holiday hero

Contestants Rodericka Gipson and Maddie Carlos, as seen on Holiday Wars, Season 2. Photo provided by Food Network
Contestants Rodericka Gipson and Maddie Carlos, as seen on Holiday Wars, Season 2. Photo provided by Food Network /

In this Holiday Wars episode, Santa is more than a gift giving hero.

After an exciting premiere episode, Holiday Wars is back with more merry mayhem in store. While there are many holiday traditions, the Food Network asks teams to take a different approach to the traditional holiday fare. What if Santa was a superhero?

Santa might wear a red coat, travel the world in a day and always know who is on the nice list, but what about those other special qualities. During those summer months, Santa might sneak away from the toy shop and have a side-hustle as a superhero. He does have super powers.

Before the first challenge, the rules of the competition were recapped. After the first round, one team has to sit out of the prize round. If a team loses the first round three times, they will be eliminated from the competition.

For the first round, the teams had to make Santa’s side kick. Each team seemed to have a very different approach. Although it is hard to determine certain approaches by all the teams, the tension is starting to grow. Under these Food Network conditions, even the best bakers can succumb to the pressure.

Looking at the Santa helpers, it came down to execution. All of these teams are talented, but the teams need to stand out. All those little details are being seen by the judges.

For example, the Mistle Toaster had a very cute idea of an alien helper. Unfortunately, a cake that was falling apart is not acceptable. It was clear that they were going to be sitting out in the next round.

Similar to the first week, those Santa helpers were incorporated into the main display. The second theme was Santa to the rescue. While not exactly a superhero, Santa was portrayed an every day superhero. From cleaning up the beach to a firefighter, it is quite possible that Santa could have these jobs as his every day disguise.

Keeping with the super theme, this week’s tasting element had to incorporate a super food or energizing food. From avocados to chai seeds, these little tasty bites balanced healthy with sweet. While the theme has been done before, the teams did find a way to be a little creative with the tasting element.

From an avocado brownie to an energy bar, these tasting elements seemed to find the right balance between healthy and treat. Even Santa needs to have a little good with the naughty.

While the tasting element comes into play, the Holiday Wars display earns a team the win. Looking at these found holiday displays, the ideas were both creative and well executed. Even with a few hiccups along the way, the teams really seemed to deliver holiday displays that impressed the judges.

It was interesting that the beach played into two displays. From Santa saving the snowman’s life on Santa Monica beach to Santa doing some beach clean-up, it seems that Santa likes to get away from all the cold during his off time.

Looking at the holiday displays, Treat Yo Elf seems to be lacking confidence. While the details are good in their displays, the scope of the display seems muted. They need to go bigger, bolder and make a statement.

Since Holiday Wars is a Food Network competition, these holiday displays must impress. Little mistakes will be the difference in a win or a loss.

Even though these displays were better than the Holiday Wars premiere, the teams still haven’t found their groove. Each team seems to rely on one element as a wow factor. From a strong face on Santa to movement of the characters, the teams need to pull all the elements together to earn the ultimate prize.

Still, the teams seems to be listening to the judges feedback. That little change can make a difference earning a win.

In the end, the Blizzardly Bakers with their beach clean-up scene and avocado brownie won the Holiday Wars episode. The expressions on the characters’ faces earned them the win.

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What do you think of this season of Holiday Wars? Do you like the new format?