The easiest baking hack is already sitting in your cupboard

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Have you used this easiest baking hack for your favorite recipes?

From cooking fatigue to wanting simple recipes, the easiest baking hack is probably within arm’s reach. With just a few ingredients and an easy cooking technique, a hot, delicious chocolate cake could be on the table in less than a minute.

While many people have turned to baking as a taste of comfort food, baking can often be complicated. From exact measurements to many kitchen gadgets, the effort to create that sweet treat can become overwhelming. But, the easiest baking hack is at your fingertips.

Mug cakes, even mug cooking, has become the kitchen solution. While some people scoffed at microwave cakes at first, this baking hack has become the norm.

Even though some brands offer their version of a mug cake, it is easy to make one at home. Recently, Joy Bauer shared her simple Chocolate Mug Cake recipe on the Today Show.

According to Bauer’s recipe, it only takes three ingredients to create a delicious chocolate cake. Plus, it is cooked in a mug, in the microwave. Now, whenever that sweet craving hits, it can be satisfied. Yes, everyone can be a baker.

As seen in the recipe, the ingredients include some boxed cake mix, water and chocolate chips. These items are usually found in most people’s pantry. After mixing together, it bakes in the microwave for under a minute.

Whether you top this chocolate cake with whipped cream, chocolate shavings or even raspberries, it is a quick easy dessert. And, since it is a single portion, you won’t feel guilty about having a dessert when that craving hits.

Truthfully, that mug can be used in all type of cooking and baking hacks. From eggs in the morning to pancakes for breakfast, mug cooking is the cooking technique that could simplify your kitchen routine.

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What is the easiest baking hack that you use?