Evolution Fresh Organic Cucumber Glow is the refreshing green juice

Evolution Fresh Organic Cucumber Glow green juice, photo provided by Evolution Fresh
Evolution Fresh Organic Cucumber Glow green juice, photo provided by Evolution Fresh /

Refresh your green juice with Evolution Fresh Cucumber Glow.

Jump start the day with the Evolution Fresh Cucumber Glow. While many people enjoy a glass of juice at breakfast, this green juice offers a bright, refreshing flavor that might surprise you. Ready to take a sip?

While many people know that healthy eating lifestyle choices are important, those food options might not always be the easiest options. All the chopping, dicing and blending could make you grab that donut and coffee from the closest store.

Still, when you choose some healthy eating options, it can make you feel better. The old saying, you are what you eat, really does reveal truth. Having more fruits and vegetables in daily eating choices can help boost energize levels as well as overall feeling good.

One popular food trend has been juicing, specifically green juice. For many people, it is easier to eat more vegetables when they come in the form of a beverage.

Evolution Fresh believes that a cold pressed juice not only protects the nutrients in the juice but enhances the flavor in the juice. In some ways, it brings the taste of the freshly picked ingredients in every sip.

As more people look to brands that offer a transparent look at their processes, Evolution Fresh has focused on using the best, freshest ingredients in all of its juices. From knowing the producers to focusing on local production, that attention to detail comes through in each and every sip.

While Evolution Fresh has a variety of juices in its line, the new Organic Cucumber Glow captures the healthy eating trend in a new way. This light, refreshing green juice is the perfect way to bring a boost of hydration to the day.

Made with cucumber juice and lemon juice, the beverage has a lovely balance. With a touch of tartness and a bold brightness, seems to instantly bring a boost to the day.

Unlike some other green juice options, this beverage is quite drinkable. Even with the touch of salt for hydration, there is that willingness to keep drinking until the bottle is empty. Plus, with only 20 calories, you don’t have to worry about enjoying the whole bottle.

The new Evolution Fresh Organic Cucumber Glow is available now. It joins the diverse juice line that includes options like Organic Essential Greens, Organic Green Devotion and Organic Greens and Ginger.

The new Organic Cucumber Glow is available at Whole Foods and Kroger as well as other retailers, including Amazon. A bottle has a suggested retail price of $5.59.

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Do you start your day with green juice? Is it easier to drink to healthy eating?