Are you ready for Bluicing? Breville launches a new beverage category

Breville 3X Bluicer Pro photo provided by Breville
Breville 3X Bluicer Pro photo provided by Breville /

Juicing and smoothies have been a popular way to eat more fruits and vegetables. With Bluicing from Breville, the combination of fresh juice and fresh blends is simple.

For many foodies, finding multi-function kitchen essentials are key. Breville has introduced Bluicing to the kitchen and the countertop is looking a lot less crowded. By offering a kitchen appliance that is multi-functional, foodies will be pushing the buy button quickly. Are you ready to get bluicing?

Many people start their day with a freshly made juice. While people can debate the benefits from cold-pressed juices and quicker juicing methods, fresh juice is good for everyone. After a few glasses, people may not want the grab and go version anymore.

While juicing offers lots of benefits, drinking whole juices can be good for you. By blending the whole fruit into a drink, there are added benefits from fiber and nutrients from method.

Until the introduction of Breville introducing Bluicing, foodies had to have both a juicer and a blender. Those two kitchen essentials required a lot counterspace or cabinet space. But, foodies always wanted their options.

The 3X Bluicer Pro combines “a juicing chute with an attachable pulp bin along with a blending jug that doubles as a carafe for juicing.” Basically, it is a two-for-one kitchen appliance.

For the blender aspect, this kitchen appliance can make smoothies, cocktails and more. It basically has the power and speed to create all the popular blended drinks. Additionally, it can make a variety of nut butters and sauces.

The juicer portion incorporates cold spin technology which helps to keep more of the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables. With a large chute, whole fruits and vegetables are easily fed into the appliance.

To celebrate this new idea of Bluicing, Breville has partnered with SoulCycle to introduce the new multi-function kitchen appliance. In addition to the special appearances, the partnership will showcase why bluice is a great post-workout option.

From healthy recipes to reducing food waste, this kitchen appliance is a smart choice for anyone looking to incorporate more conscious food choices. It showcases that people are looking choices that reflect their lifestyle.

Additionally, the Breville and SoulCycle partnership will benefit No Kid Hungry. While food security continues to be a huge issue, this partnership hopes to bring more awareness to better eating choices for everyone, everywhere.

The Breville 3X Bluicing Pro retails for $399.95 and is available at Williams Sonoma and

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Are you ready to experience Bluicing? What kitchen essentials help with your healthy eating lifestyle?