Beyond Meat unveils two new Beyond Burger options

New Beyond Burgers, photo provided by Beyond Meat
New Beyond Burgers, photo provided by Beyond Meat /

New Beyond Burger options show that Beyond Meat is the leader plant-based food category.

The new year will bring new Beyond Burger options. While Beyond Meat is always looking to expand its plant-based food options, this newest innovation responds to consumers wants and needs. As plant-based food becomes more popular, flavor becomes the focus.

Over the past several years, plant-based food has taken over store shelves and restaurant menus. From flexitarian lifestyle choices to alternative food choices, the demand has seen a surge in offerings. While every brand is different, each one is looking for a way to stand out in the crowd.

The two new Beyond Burger options satisfy a need that consumers have been wanting. First, the new burgers will offer a lower overall fat content. While some people have had concern with the nutritional content of plant-based food options, this new offering looks to respond to that request. By enhancing the nutritional profile, Beyond Meat sets a new standard for the plant-based food market.

Second, Beyond Meat has developed an even juicier patty. The idea is to offer the meatiest burger experience while balancing the nutritional aspect. Since many people turn to plant-based food as a meat alternative, they want that option to satisfy a particular craving. No one wants to feel deprived for making a switch.

Ethan Brown, CEO and Founder, Beyond Meat, said “Our commitment is to provide consumers with absolutely delicious plant-based meats that are better for people and the planet, no sacrifice required. These new iterations deliver on this promise, and I am immensely proud of our team’s ability to make such strong advances in taste, juiciness and nutrition through our Rapid and Relentless Innovation program. Just as you can find different varieties of ground beef, consumers will now have more choice to satisfy their individual nutritional needs and preferences.”

With these innovations, it will be interesting to see how consumers expand their use of the plant-based food offerings. From adapting recipes to pushing creativity, the possibilities are many.

The biggest takeaway from the Beyond Meat expansion is that the brand is now focusing on consumer satisfaction. It is more than just offering another addition to the Beyond Meat line. As the plant-based food space becomes more crowded, brands need to find a way to stand out. This innovation could give Beyond Meat an advantage over its competitors.

The new Beyond Burgers will be available in 2021. Exact launch dates and availability has not yet been revealed.

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What do you think of these new Beyond Burgers? Will it make you want to make the switch?