Monster Angus Thickburger offers an immersive five sense burger experience

Carl's Jr and Hardee's Monster Angus Thickburger, photo provided by Carl's Jr
Carl's Jr and Hardee's Monster Angus Thickburger, photo provided by Carl's Jr /

While just eat the Monster Angus Thickburger, when you can turn it into an immersive experience.

Have you heard about the Monster Angus Thickburger? Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s think that this special menu offering is more than just a delicious bite. Are you ready to fully immerse yourself into a five sense burger experience?

To say that Monster Angus Thickburger is big is an understatement. While a classic Thickburger is always tasty, this menu item is not for the small appetite. With four times the Applewood smoked bacon, two times the 1/3 lb Angus beef patties and three times the American cheese, this gigantic burger could make even the hungriest teenager feel full.

To make Thickburgers even more special this holiday season, Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s is offering an immersive five sense burger experience. Shouldn’t all the senses be given the pleasure of this Monster Angus Thickburger?

On both Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s Instagram accounts, the brands revealed the Bacon and Beef Hypnosis Experience. Focusing on all five senses, the idea is to bring every aspect burger deliciousness into play.

To kick off this special experience, the brands will be giving away a limited-edition Monster Essence Fragrance Diffuser. A few lucky people will be able to fill their home with the aroma of bacon and burger.

Now, some people will fall in love with this idea. Some people might think that this limited-edition Monster Essence Fragrance Diffuser is the ultimate holiday gift. And, others will scoff at the idea.

Still, the idea brings up an interesting point. Shouldn’t all five senses be part of a great burger eating experience? For many people, seeing a big, juicy burger makes their stomach growl. Others cannot resist the aroma wafting from that bag. If one of the senses is removed, that tasty burger might not be quite as enjoyable.

While this promotion is entertaining and many people will want to unlock the Bacon and Beef Hypnosis Experience, people will want to take a bite of the Monster Angus Thickburger to understand the bigger point. If a burger doesn’t satisfy all your burger senses, maybe you are not eating the right burger.

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What is your favorite restaurant burger? Would you want your home to smell like bacon and burgers?