Lipton RealiTEAS are a sip of normal for the holiday season

Lipton RealiTEAS, photo provided by Lipton
Lipton RealiTEAS, photo provided by Lipton /

If you are tired of being tired, Lipton RealiTEAS is the beverage for you.

Finally it is time for a sip of reality and Lipton RealiTEAS is ready. This holiday season can be filled with stressful moments. Just maybe, a spot of tea can make it a little more bearable.

Last year, Lipton offered some limited edition, special teas. They were extremely popular and sold out quickly. This year’s teas might have entertaining names, but the flavors are meant to be savored.

This year’s tea offering reflects the current mood. The offerings include 24/7 Sweatpants Season, All I want for Christmas is a better 2021, Silent Night, Sleepless Night, and Whole Lotta Holiday Cookies. While the names are amusing, the tea flavors are perfect for the season.

For example, the All I Want for Christmas is a Better 2021 has been created to cleanse the body and mind. From rich matcha to refreshing mint flavors, the teas balance flavors with probiotics to give to revitalizing boost.

Or, the Whole Lotta Holiday Cookies is meant to help soothe the stomach this holiday season. Whether it is holiday cookies or just that over snacking, the ginger, peppermint and fennel in the tea can help make those stomach grumbles better.

While all these Lipton RealiTEAS will get attention because of the entertaining names, they show that tea can be a way to feel better in times of stress. From calming the stomach to bring a little relaxation in a mug, tea can be a smart choice.

Although many people would be willing to purchase these special teas, they are free. Last year’s offerings were sold out in just six hours.

This year, the Lipton will be releasing various batches throughout the holiday season. The idea is to spread a little more cheer. During this holiday season, many people could use a little stress release.

And, if you don’t get one of these special labeled holiday teas, don’t fret. Lipton has many wellness inspired teas in its product line. Even without the fun names, these teas offer the same benefits.

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