Vital Farms and King Arthur Baking Company make the holidays sweeter

Vital Farms and King Arthur Baking Company show how baking brings people closer.

The holiday season and holiday baking are the perfect pair. For Vital Farms and King Arthur Baking Company, the holidays are filled with sweet treats. From classic cookie recipes to sharing holiday baking traditions with families, the oven continues to bring that delicious aroma of comfort food.

While the holiday traditions might be altered this year, it doesn’t mean that a great holiday cookie, baked good or other special holiday food treat is totally forgotten. With a little creativity, those holiday baking traditions can continue.

This year, Vital Farms and King Arthur Baking Company have created special holiday baking kits. Included in the holiday baking kits are everything that is needed to make some delicious cookies. More importantly, those holiday cookies are intended to bake it forward.

Kathryn McKeon, Senior Director of Brand, Vital Farms, said, “Vital Farms and King Arthur believe that cooking can inspire connection, whether you’re together in the kitchen with loved ones or dropping off freshly baked treats on their doorstep. We know a homemade cookie cannot replace a warm hug, but our hope is the Vital Farms and King Arthur Holiday Kit helps make the season a little sweeter.”

Over the years, holiday cookies are more than the sweet treat left for Santa or a reason to gather with friends during a holiday cookie exchange. That cookie represents a gift beyond the sweet bite of dessert.

By baking a cookie for someone, you are giving a gift of yourself. From your time in the kitchen to the thoughtfulness of the gift, the homemade cookie is expression of giving from the heart.

These Bake It Forward holiday kits come with a Ginger Molasses recipe, which has been specially made in the King Arthur Flour test kitchen. While the kit has everything needed to make these cookies and share them with others, the concept doesn’t have to end with just one batch of cookies.

Maybe this holiday kit could inspire a virtual holiday baking session with grandma. She could share the traditional family cookie recipe and everyone can enjoy those cookies virtually.

Or, maybe this holiday kit could inspire you to bake some extra cookies for a neighbor or a friend. Sometimes, the small gestures that keep holiday traditions going are the ones that will be remembered the most.

The Vital Farms and King Arthur Baking Company holiday baking kits are available now, while supplies last. The holiday kit retails for $25.

As part of the launch of this holiday baking kits and the idea of Bake It Forward, Vital Farms and King Arthur Baking Company will donate to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. This national non-profit uses grassroots bake sales to fund pediatric cancer research.

This holiday season, don’t let holiday traditions be forgotten. Those holiday cookies can be more than just a sweet treat. If we all Bake It Forward this holiday season, the New Year might seem even better.


How are you keeping holiday traditions going this holiday season?