Google Maps busyness information makes holiday shopping easier

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During the holiday shopping season, Google Maps busyness information is a game changer.

As people navigate the current climate, Google Maps busyness information has been a huge help. Going into the holiday shopping season, that “busy” business meter can assist to make a trip to the grocery store less stressful. Do you know the best time to shop?

Over the past year, shopping trends have evolved. Even as online shopping was starting to increase, more people have sought out less crowded stores, restaurants and other locales. Knowing that people want to have the best info at their fingertips is a priority for Google Maps.

While many people have used Google Maps to avoid traffic jams or find the most efficient route, the program has expanded beyond those features. In the era of social distancing, a lesser crowded coffee shop can be the difference from getting a specialty coffee or just brewing another cup at home.

Looking ahead to the holiday season, it is more important than ever to have a wealth of knowledge readily available. Whether it is looking for an outdoor holiday activity or finding the best takeout spot while traveling, people crave information.

Since people do not want to toggle from site to site, Google Maps has streamlined the process. From being able to place a takeout order to making a dinner reservation, it has become the one stop shop.

As consumers become more savvy, it will be interesting to see how Google Maps adapts further. While the busyness information is key to in person shopping, the click and purchase option could become even more important. With the rise of buy online, pick up in store, these types of holiday shopping features could streamline the process even further.

While people might be facing online meeting fatigue and screen time eye strain, the reality is that current, real time information needs to be at people’s fingertips. The companies that can provide that information will continue to thrive.

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