BABE Wine and Dorinda Medley create a Berkshires winter wonderland

BABE Wine and Dorinda holiday promo, photo provided by BABE Wine
BABE Wine and Dorinda holiday promo, photo provided by BABE Wine /

The holiday spirit is over the top thanks to BABE Wine and Dorinda Medley.

BABE Wine understands that the epic holiday vacation is on pause this year. Still, it doesn’t mean that the holiday spirit is totally forgotten. Thanks to Dorinda Medley, this holiday season is going to be a huge winter wonderland and it is time to pop open a can of wine.

For anyone who watches Real Housewives of New York City, they know that Dorinda loves the Berkshires. This year, Dorinda has partnered with BABE Wine to bring a little of that Berkshires-inspired winter wonderland to everyone’s celebration. Even if you haven’t embraced the snow globe décor, this holiday makeover could make you feel a little more merry.

Now through December 1, the BABE Wine Instagram page will be giving away a Dorinda inspired holiday makeover. While it might not be an exact replication of Blue Stone Manor, it will give your living space a festive overhaul.

This holiday season is uncertain. Some people are choosing to skip the decorating and other people have already decorated their Christmas tree. In some cases, those twinkling lights can be that spark of joy that people need right now. Even if no one sees all the effort, your next Zoom meeting will look better than that drab couch.

If you want a holiday makeover from Dorinda and BABE Wine, enter yourself into the contest. Or, if you know someone who could use some holiday cheer, enter them. Even if you don’t like snow globes, you can still enter. You can hide the extra snow globe behind some wine cans.

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Are you decorating this holiday season? What are you doing to make the holidays merry?