Is the return of the Disney Park Hopper a win for Disney dining?

Le Cellier Petit Filet, photo provided by Disney Parks
Le Cellier Petit Filet, photo provided by Disney Parks /

2021 brings back the Disney Park Hopper and Disney dining lovers will benefit.

For many people, the Disney Park Hopper makes Disney Parks more memorable. When it comes to Disney dining, the opportunity to enjoy a morning in one park and dinner in another is the ultimate Disney food experience. With the return of the Disney Park Hopper in 2021, more guests could be making their park reservations.

As Disney Parks navigate the current climate, reduced admission capacity, health and safety parameters and other modifications have been the priority. For the past several months, the Park Hopper has been eliminated from annual Passholders as well as other ticket holders.

Going into 2021, the Park Hopper will return, with some modifications. A park reservation will be required for the first park visit, but subsequent park or parks will not require a reservation  (but those requirements are subject to change).

For Disney Parks fans, the change is reason to celebrate. Like many people, who hasn’t enjoyed the rope drop at Magic Kingdom in the morning only to enjoy dinner at Le Cellier at Epcot in the evening. It is one of the special parts of Disney that you can experience all the Magic in a single day.

Thinking of Disney dining, this change is a huge win for foodies as well as Disney Parks. Many people have a favorite Disney food or associate a Disney visit with a particular treat. The ability to enjoy that special food is part of the Disney Magic. From food festivals to the Blue Milk in Galaxy’s Edge, food and Disney memories go hand in hand.

In addition, Disney Parks benefit from this change. As guests stay longer in a theme park, they spend more money. While the current climate has greatly hurt the theme park industry, this change will see a positive benefit to Disney. Giving guests more opportunity to enjoy a full day inside all Disney Parks is beneficial for everyone.

As seen throughout the recent months, Disney has navigated the safety and health concerns well. They have managed attendance and many people have returned to their happy place. With continual planning and expansion, the goal of returning furloughed workers to their positions can be achieved.

In the end, Disney fans are rejoicing the return of the Disney Park Hopper. From Mickey Pretzels to German Pretzels, a feast of Disney food delights awaits next year.

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What are your favorite Disney dining restaurants or must have Disney foods?