Skip the Thanksgiving pie and serve Wisconsin Cheese for Thanksgiving dessert

Wisconsin Cheese pairings, photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese
Wisconsin Cheese pairings, photo provided by Wisconsin Cheese /

Thanksgiving pie isn’t the only Thanksgiving dessert, why not serve Wisconsin Cheese.

While Thanksgiving pie might be the traditional Thanksgiving dessert, it doesn’t have to be. Wisconsin Cheese can be the perfect end to the holiday dinner. With these delicious cheese options, the end of the meal might outshine that turkey.

Sometimes the traditional Thanksgiving dinner can use an update. While some people choose to change flavors or even Thanksgiving side dishes, one easy swap is to skip the traditional Thanksgiving pie and serve Wisconsin Cheese at the end of the meal.

In many cultures, cheese is served as the last course of a meal. Although many people think that a sweet treat is the final tasting note, cheese can be a better option. In addition to being a scrumptious, cheese can help to combat acid. After all the indulgence, it can help to balance all the other food from previous courses.

Even if you cannot resist a Thanksgiving pie or other Thanksgiving dessert to end the feast, a bite of cheese at the end of the meal can be quite satisfying. From a nutty gouda to a citrus forward cheddar, there is an option to fit every flavor preference.

FoodSided recommends the following Wisconsin Cheese options instead of the traditional Thanksgiving dessert.

Cello Pumpkin Spice Fontal

As the pumpkin spice season seems to fade into memory, the Cello Pumpkin Spice Fontal is a must try. A newer cheese, it is rubbed with cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and a hint of honey. The creaminess of the cheese and the mild, sweet flavor make it the perfect backdrop for the warm spices. It is definitely a cheese that needs to be enjoyed.

Henning’s Cranberry Orange Cheddar

While Wisconsin cheddar is always a tasty choice, this cheddar brings the flavors of the season to each bite. Made by Kerry Henning, who has three Master Cheesemaker certifications, this cheese is delightful on a holiday cheeseboard, paired with some spiced nuts or even just a simple drizzle of local honey.

Uplands Rush Creek Reserve

If you have found this special Uplands Rush Creek Reserve, make sure that you buy two wheels because it is only available during the holidays. While many people have admitted to eating this cheese with a spoon, the creamy, pudding like texture is the ultimate cheese indulgence.

For those looking to make this cheese eating experience even more luxurious, consider using a kitchen torch to brulee the outside. Not only will the aroma make you excited for the first bite, that layer of texture is unforgettable.

Sartori Espresso BellaVitano

Since many people end a meal with a coffee or espresso, why not bring those flavors to the cheese plate. Sweet BellaVitano wheels have been rubbed in roasted espresso. The combination of the pungent espresso with the sweet cheese is delicious. And, if you want a sweeter pairing, consider enjoying it with a piece of chocolate or a robust Cabernet.

Marieke Gouda Foenegreek

Sometimes a little nutty note can be quite delightful with an after-dinner cocktail. The Marieke Gouda Foenegreek blends the slightly sweet maple flavor with the fenugreek seed to have a touch of yin and yang in a single bite. If you have an aged rum on hand or prefer a Rum Old Fashioned, slice a piece of cheese and sip the night away.

Pine River’s Chocolate Cheese Fudge

While this Wisconsin Cheese is more like a dessert, the Pine River’s Chocolate Cheese Fudge is a must try. To lighten the flavors a little, consider serving it with some fresh fruit, like apples or pears. This cheese might surprise you.

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These Wisconsin Cheese options for a Thanksgiving dessert are just a few of the many cheeses that could replace that Thanksgiving pie. Sometimes, breaking a holiday food tradition can be the spark that makes the meal even more special.

Do you have a favorite cheese that FoodSided needs to discover?