Dunkin free donuts offer is the great way to kick off the weekend

Dunkin' assorted donuts. Image Courtesy Clint Blowers, Dunkin'
Dunkin' assorted donuts. Image Courtesy Clint Blowers, Dunkin' /

Who’s hungry for a Dunkin free donuts offer?

After the big food feast, a Dunkin free donuts offer might save breakfast. Given that many people spent hours (or days) cooking, no one is really excited to cook again. Luckily, a free donut delivery from Uber Eats could bring smiles to everyone in the house.

Whether you are Black Friday 2020 shopping, enjoying a lazy day on the couch or just want to keep the kids occupied on a day off from school, donuts can be a great way to make everyone happy. Whether you prefer a plain glazed, a jelly or maybe even that spicy Ghost Pepper donut, there is always room for more donuts.

Even though everyone runs on Dunkin, this weekend you do not have to run to Dunkin. With this special Uber Eats offer, someone will run those donuts to your home.

Now through November 28, Dunkin and Uber Eats are offering a “free half-dozen assorted donuts on Dunkin’ orders of $12 or more.” When you think about this offer, it is pretty easy to purchase $12 worth of food at Dunkin. Whether you order some more donuts, one of those new Sourdough breakfast sandwiches or coffee for the house, it seems likely that you can hit the minimum purchase requirement.

While everyone loves a free food offer, the Uber Eats aspect is an interesting one for the holiday weekend. Although many people traditionally shop and travel this weekend, more people are staying home. Being able to have that favorite donut delivered directly to your doorstep is wanted by many people.

Also, this type of free food offer could entice people to place an order. Once someone understands how easy it is to place a food delivery, it could start a habit. On chilly days, it might be easier to order Dunkin from Uber Eats than to walk to the local restaurant.

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Are you going to get this Dunkin free donuts offer?