Dunkin Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich is a hearty bite for the holidays

Dunkin Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich, Dunkin' Holiday offerings, photo provided by Dunkin
Dunkin Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich, Dunkin' Holiday offerings, photo provided by Dunkin /

Dunkin Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich is a big bite of comfort food.

While many people run to Dunkin for coffee, the Dunkin Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich is the new menu item for winter that will fuel those chilly days. This big breakfast bite should keep everyone satisfied all day long. Which holiday coffee is the perfect pairing?

The new menu item, the Dunkin Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich features sourdough toast. Given how many people learned to make sourdough bread in the past year, it seems that everyone has fallen in love with that flavor.

This breakfast sandwich includes “extra Cherrywood smoked bacon, two fried eggs, and aged Wisconsin white cheddar cheese.” The flavor is as big as the sandwich. If you need a big breakfast that is convenient, this new Dunkin menu item is a great choice.

Since this new menu item kicks of the holiday offerings, it is time to switch that pumpkin spice to peppermint mocha. The signature peppermint mocha is back on the menu. That touch of mint with all the chocolate is perfect on a winter day.

Also returning is the signature gingerbread latte. This beverage has a tasty cinnamon flavor. The combination of cinnamon and caramel brings that balance of spicy and sweet that is irresistible.

Additionally, there is a Chai Oatmilk Latte. As seen with the Oatmilk launch, many customers are looking for milk alternatives. This option expands their menu choices and could make them make another run to Dunkin.

Since the holiday beverages are back on the menu, the holiday cups have returned as well. This year’s theme is “Cheersin.” The theme combines Dunkin and Cheers. The idea is to combine celebration and appreciation. While it is uncertain if everyone will adopt this word, the sentiment is one that everyone can get behind. This holiday season might be the time to find the happy in the moment and toast to it.

The Dunkin holiday offerings and the new Dunkin Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich are available now. While you don’t have to put on the holiday music, you can start enjoying the holiday flavors.

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What is your favorite holiday flavor? Are you ready to put away the PSL?