Run to Dunkin because Planet Oat Oatmilk is on the menu

Dunkin’ brings Planet Oat Oatmilk to all of its U.S. locations as a delicious, vegan-friendly dairy alternative. Image Courtesy Dunkin'
Dunkin’ brings Planet Oat Oatmilk to all of its U.S. locations as a delicious, vegan-friendly dairy alternative. Image Courtesy Dunkin' /

Dunkin makes a plant-based food statement by adding Planet Oat Oatmilk.

In a first for a national quick service restaurant brand, Dunkin has made a big change to its menu. The addition of Planet Oat Oatmilk nationwide is an exciting one for plant-based foodies. Now, more people have an option to enjoy that special latte.

Over the years, dairy alternatives have been added to many menus. While some people prefer traditional milk, other guests tend to order almond milk, nut milks, and now oatmilk. Whether it is lifestyle preference, health choices or just taste, consumers want all the options on the menu board.

Dunkin understands that it needs to adapt to food trends. Its menu has added various plant-based food options. From the Beyond Sausage Sandwich to offering almond milk since 2014, the quick service restaurant brand has and continues to adapt to consumer preferences and trends.

According to Jill Nelson, Vice President, Marketing Strategy at Dunkin’, “Dunkin’ is proud to stand apart as the brand that democratizes trends and finds new and innovative ways to keep Americans running. Bringing Planet Oat Oatmilk to Dunkin’ locations across the country is another way we are reinforcing our commitment to providing guests with more choices to customize their favorite coffee and espresso drinks.”

Earlier in 2020, Dunkin tested oatmilk in Calfornia. Based on the positive response, the nationwide rollout is happening. Now, this oatmilk option is available in any of the lattes on the menu. From hot to iced, the swap is easy.

Dunkin chose to serve Planet Oat Oatmilk. This dairy alternative is a combination of oats and water that is blended with “vitamins, minerals and other ingredients.” The beverage has a creamy texture and a light sweetness.

For those unfamiliar with oatmilk, the wide availability of this option can make people try it at least once. Similar to the Burger King launch of the Impossible Whopper, everyone wants to try the latest trend, even if they do not follow a particular lifestyle.

While the launch of Planet Oat Oatmilk on the menu will get a lot of attention, the Dunkin fall menu also launched. From the Pumpkin Spice latte to those Stuffed Bagel Minis and Maple Sugar Seasoned Snackin’ Bacon. There is another reason to make a run to Dunkin today.

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What do you think of the oatmilk menu launch by Dunkin? Will you try one of these lattes?