Tasty reasons why edible gifts make for the best holiday gifts

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For foodies, edible gifts always make the best holiday gifts.

As people search for the best holiday gifts, edible gifts top many foodies must buy list. From old school favorites to new brands taking center stage, food and the holidays are always a perfect pair. Why are food gifts so popular during the holiday season?

Recently DoorDash announced its new Gifting service. Even when people are far apart, they can send a sweet treat, savory meal or just a bottle to toast the holidays. When mom can make her matzo ball soup, she can send a bowl from your favorite deli. Or, when that late night study session needs a boost of healthy goodness, someone can send a smoothie.

Basically, it is the food that brings people together across the miles. Via either the DoorDash or Caviar app, anyone can send some food gifts across the miles. The apps make it simple. With just a push of a button, a personalized note and never a foot stepped into a store, a gift can be sent. It is the best holiday gifts that can make this season quite tasty.

While some people might have their favorite holiday food, some edible gifts are more popular than others. Ahead of this DoorDash announcement, the brand did some food research on the best holiday gifts for food lovers.

Here are some of tasty edible gifts that make the best holiday gifts.

Skip the cookies, bring on the savory food

While many people send cookies, pies and candy, it seems that people would prefer to get the gift of a savory treat. With Gifting, it is easy to send a burrito bowl, French fries or maybe even some over-sized sandwiches.

Although savory wins over cookies, it doesn’t mean that desserts aren’t the way to some people’s hearts. After savory food gifts, desserts and breakfast items are popular to send.

Big cities, big gifts

Wonder who is sending more food gifts? According to DoorDash, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston are more likely to send food holiday gifts. It seems that those cities might top Santa’s nice list.

Just Because gifts are on the rise

While a birthday or a special occasion is a reason to send a gift, more people are sending just because gifts. From sending a little smile on a plate to just because you care food gift, people don’t need an excuse to send another food gift.

Sometimes it is hard to gift outside of the box. If you want to avoid that candle, again, edible gifts can be that way to stand out in a crowd. No matter the reason (or excuse), edible gifts can be a way to express a feeling. From a celebratory crab cake to success sushi, DoorDash Gifting can be a way to a person’s heart.

Since food is the universal language, it can often say what people can’t express in words. If you are looking for the best holiday gifts, consider edible gifts. Unlike that gift card, it will be used before the New Year.

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What is your favorite holiday gifts to give?