My holiday dinner was saved thanks to this special ingredient

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Without this special ingredient, my holiday dinner would have been flavorless.

Was your holiday dinner magnificent or just small taste of what could have been? In my household, this special ingredient made the food served at the table more flavorful than we could have imagined. Luckily, the flavor boost isn’t limited to just the holiday dinner. Are you ready to enjoy the flavor experience of Bushwick Kitchen?

From revamping classic recipes to exploring bolder flavors, the holiday dinner didn’t look the same this year. Although the micro meal seemed to take over the table, the holiday dinner favorite foods and recipes deserved a moment to be savored. No one wanted another bland dish to make them wish for holiday food from previous celebrations.

Since our household is always ready to push the flavor envelope, one special ingredient added a bold flavor kick to many of our favorite holiday food offerings. If you haven’t discovered Bushwick Kitchen and its Spicy Honey, it needs to become your pantry staple.

While honey is often used as the sweetener in many recipes, this honey is bolder than that typical honey. The touch of spice from the habanero is just the right amount of heat. It is the slow burn balanced by the wildflower honey that makes you want to eat it by the spoonful.

From a little drizzle on the dinner rolls to the sweetener is a sweet potato casserole to even the special ingredient in the after-dinner Old Fashioned, that bottle of Bushwick Kitchen Spicy Honey was the flavor boost that saved our holiday meal.

While there are many different flavored honeys on the market, Bushwick Kitchen has found a way to make that perfect flavor balance. Made with local New York ingredients and an attention to detail in each and every bottle, that commitment to creating the best product comes through in the flavor.

If you are unfamiliar with Bushwick Kitchen, the New York based small business has a variety of creative flavor ingredients that will inspire cooking creativity for any and every cook. From honey to maple syrups to srirachas, there are so many options it can be hard to pick just one.

One of the reasons why Bushwick Kitchen’s Spicy Honey has become a favorite in our house is the versatility. A little drizzle on a biscuit or a glaze on turkey, there are so many uses. As the brand says, their products are great on anything (or everything). It leads to food and recipe experimentation. That excitement keeps cooking fatigue on the back burner.

If you are looking for a holiday gift, consider one of the Bushwick Kitchen gift sets. From the Bees Knees Honey Gift Set to the Three Knees Spicy Gift Set, there is a gift that is perfect for the foodie on your list. And, it is totally acceptable to send one of these gift sets to yourself.

It is time to make a flavor difference in your favorite recipes and some Bushwick Kitchen spicy honey is waiting. It could be the secret ingredient to your holiday dinner, too.

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What special ingredient has changed how you cook?