The tastiest holiday food leftover recipe is breakfast food inspired

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This holiday food leftover recipe had everyone enjoying breakfast for dinner.

Since no one wants to waste food, a tasty holiday food leftover recipe can make the family happy to see more leftovers on the table. Even if you served a micro meal, leftovers are sometimes the best part of holiday dinner. With a little creativity, that extra food can become even more exciting on the second or third day.

For some people, their tried and try holiday food leftover recipe is a pot pie. It is a great way to combine all the food into a single dish. Whether you make one large pot pie or let everyone customize their individual pot pie, it can be a great recipe to use all the leftovers.

But, some people do not like pot pie. Whether it is the pastry or the combination of ingredients, it might not be the right recipe for some households.

The bigger food trend this holiday season has been using a waffle iron to “waffle” leftovers. While it can be fun to question, will it waffle, the waffle iron can be used for many more recipes than just another breakfast waffle. This holiday season could be the perfect time to explore those waffle recipes.

Disney Parks even joined the holiday food leftover recipe inspiration. Its stuffing waffle sandwich was a simple idea to transform several leftover foods into a single dish. In a matter of minutes, a new dish went from refrigerator to plate.

If you aren’t a fan of stuffing (or dressing), mashed potatoes can be re-imagined in a waffle maker. By reheating them in the waffle maker, the potatoes get a little crispy textured edge. Use the potatoes as a base to an open face sandwich or just add them to the plate.

Also, those leftover rolls can be re-imagined in a waffle maker. For example, you can turn it into a base of a pizza or just create a new version of a sandwich.

Basically, the waffle maker could become one of your best kitchen essentials hacks this holiday season. Whether you use a full sized waffle maker or a mini-waffle maker, it could become the fun way to revitalize those leftover food recipe ideas. Now, the family won’t frown when you say that you’re serving leftovers, again.

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What is your best tip for using leftovers? How are you re-imagining recipes to reduce food waste?