Holiday Baking Championship creates the ultimate holiday dessert mash-up

Bakers Megan, Jamaal, Jon, Julianna, Eva, Lorenzo and LaShonda during elimination, as seen on Holiday Baking Championship, Season 7. Photo provided by Food Network
Bakers Megan, Jamaal, Jon, Julianna, Eva, Lorenzo and LaShonda during elimination, as seen on Holiday Baking Championship, Season 7. Photo provided by Food Network /

Fans of Holiday Baking Championship might try to master this ultimate holiday dessert mash-up.

This season of Holiday Baking Championship has been quite filled with ups and down. In a recent episode, the ultimate holiday dessert mash-up created a big change to the Naughty or Nice list. Still, this holiday dessert idea could become the home baker’s new must have dessert.

This Holiday Baking Championship season has been filled with a variety of perplexing challenges. From non-traditional flavors to some surprising baking fails, these bakers have made a few home bakers feel better about their baking escapes. When a professional baker can have an epic baking fail, that less than perfect holiday dessert isn’t so bad.

In this week’s episode, the bakers tackled the traditional pre-heat and the main heat. While the pre-heat chocolate filled desserts were nice, they were not the star of the episode. The main heat got many home bakers inspired. Could a three flavor cheesecake really be a reality?

Many people have purchased a bakery sampler cheesecake where slices of various flavors have combined in a single plate. Since many people differ on their favorite cheesecake flavor, the idea of a sampler plate has great appeal. As long as everyone has their favorite slice, it could be the perfect holiday dessert.

In this episode’s challenge, the bakers had to create a three flavor cheesecake. Basically, the cheesecake was divided into thirds and each flavor had to stand on its own. Although there should be some connection between the flavors (and chocolate could only be used by Lorenzo because of his advantage), the bakers showed that this holiday dessert idea holds a lot of creative options.

For the home baker who is looking to tackle this idea, it does take some baking skills. From a good cheesecake recipe to great crust, this holiday dessert idea needs to be handled with care. As seen in the Holiday Baking Championship episode, an underbaked cheesecake will put you on the naughty list.

While this season of Holiday Baking Championship has featured some classic holiday desserts, this triple cheesecake idea could be a game changer for some home bakers. Since many people like a sampler plate of desserts at the holidays, it could be the option that becomes a big dessert trend.

Looking at the most successful cheesecakes from this episode, the bakers who were thoughtful about flavor combinations were most successful. For example, LaShonda found a way to bring together a soulful holiday dessert feast. The judges could feel the holiday traditions in each and every bite.

Even Jon, who has jumped up and down the naughty list, found the way to bring his baking skill to this challenge, The challenges where he has succeeded seem to relate to holiday memories and traditions.

Although Jamaal and Juliana had big baking errors in this challenge, it shows home bakers that sometimes things don’t work as planned in the kitchen. Additionally, their attitude when baking can impact the final result.

For example, Juliana didn’t like cheesecake and it showed in her dessert. Although it is not a scene from Like Water for Chocolate, the right frame of mind could help any baker be more successful.

Holiday Baking Championship
Jamaal process, as seen on Holiday Baking Championship, Season 7. Photo provided by Food Network /

While Jamaal’s cheesecake earned him the bottom of the naughty list, it doesn’t mean that this cheesecake holiday dessert idea couldn’t be a winner in your house. If you are looking for something different than another plate of cookies or that fruit cake, maybe the triple cheesecake is an option for you. And, it looks a lot easier to make than a piecaken (just order that dessert from Zac Young).

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What did you think of this Holiday Baking Championship holiday dessert idea? Would you try to make a triple cheesecake at home?