12 Days of Popeyes Giveaway is the tastiest holiday gift

Ring in the holiday season with 12 Days of Popeyes Giveaway.

Craving some holiday cheer? With the 12 Days of Popeyes Giveaway, the holiday season is going to be merry and bright. Whether you play once or all 12 days, everyone will have a reason to enjoy some more of that delicious chicken from Popeyes.

During the holiday season, everyone is looking for a reason to celebrate. It is more than just piece of candy from the Advent Calendar or another holiday baking session. People are looking for ways to bring a little more cheer into their daily routine.

The 12 Days of Popeyes Giveaway could be that little spark that people need. The collaboration between Popeyes and Coca-Cola gives guests 12 days of daily coupon offers and an opportunity to win a $50,000 grand prize.

According to Popeyes, the special event on December 4th and runs through December 15th. Each day, a new daily coupon will be revealed on the Popeyes website and the Popeyes app. But, the daily coupon offer is available just for 24 hours. Like that little Elf that moves around the house every day, these coupons disappear only to reveal a new offer.


12 Days of Popeyes Giveaway is a holiday treat

12 Days of Popeyes Giveaway is a holiday treat, photo provided by Popeyes

While each coupon is a surprise, everyone will want to see what is waiting behind that door. Could a free Coca-Cola be waiting or maybe some free biscuits? Everyone will have to wait and see.

By opening each door, guests will earn an entry into the $50,000 grand prize. In addition, redeeming one of the coupons earns an extra entry. For one lucky person, the holiday season will be quite festive.

During the holiday season, everyone is craving a little more holiday cheer. The 12 Days of Popeyes Giveaway is a great way to boost that holiday spirit. Are you ready to open that first door?


Is Popeyes part of your holiday celebrations? What is your favorite Popeyes menu item?