RuPaul brings Snow Queen cookies to Old Navy’s RuPaul-idays

Old Navy RuPaul "Snow Queen" Cookies w/ Funny Face Bakery, photo provided by Old Navy
Old Navy RuPaul "Snow Queen" Cookies w/ Funny Face Bakery, photo provided by Old Navy /

RuPaul shows that Snow Queen cookies are RuPaul-idays approved.

Holiday cookies need a little RuPaul-idays flare. As part of Old Navy’s holiday campaign, RuPaul is showing how to make Snow Queen cookies. With some help from Funny Face Bakery, these holiday cookies stand out on that cookie plate.

Whether you are a baker or a faker, holiday cookies are in the spotlight all December long. While Santa might have to wait till Christmas Eve for his cookies and milk, everyone else can enjoy a treat all month long.

This year, Old Navy partnered with RuPaul for its “The RuPaul-idays.” The multi-part digital series shows how this holiday season can be a little brighter. Even if you don’t have glitter sprinkles lining your pantry, there are some easy ways to update the holiday traditions.

In honor of National Cookie Day, Old Navy and RuPaul will be showing how to make some Snow Queen cookies on IGTV.  Old Navy tapped Funny Face Bakery to bring these cookies to life.

Funny Face Bakery is known for its palm sized face cookies. From favorite celebrities to politicians to even historical icons, these cookies capture both the person and the personality. Even as you eat them, you might chuckle a little.

In conjunction with the special IGTV segment, everyone has a chance to get three Snow Queen cookies for free. Simply visit to place an order. The free cookies have a limited availability.

If you want to make some of your own Snow Queen cookies, watch the RuPaul video. Even if your cookie’s eyelashes are a little crooked or your glitter is a little smudged, the cookies still have that special holiday flare. Not everything has to be picture perfect his holiday season.

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What is your favorite holiday cookie? Are you ready to add some RuPaul-days to your holiday season?