Favorite snacks easily transformed into flavorful comfort food recipes

Favorite snack food inspires tasty comfort food recipes, photo provided by Cheetos
Favorite snack food inspires tasty comfort food recipes, photo provided by Cheetos /

Grab some favorite snacks and make these tasty comfort food recipes.

Looking for some new delicious comfort food recipes? For many people, their favorite snacks line the pantry. While the snack bowl is always full, it doesn’t have to be the only way to enjoy your favorite snacks. Why not incorporate them into some tasty recipes.

Recently, Cheetos published its Bon Appé-Cheetos Cookbook. Curated by Chester Cheetah and featuring some celebrity chef recipes, this cookbook shows that the classic snack food can be transformed into a variety of recipes. From Flamin’ Hot Meatballs to a Cheeseball to even some Fried Green Tomatoes, the options are many.

Building on this idea, Frito-Lay and Quaker created the recipe site, More Smiles With Every Bite. On the site, there are numerous recipes that incorporate favorite snacks into the dish. Whether you use the little pieces at the bottom of the bag or what is left in the bowl, there is no reason for any snack to go to waste.

For example, the LAY’S Hashbrown Casserole is the perfect comfort food bite. From the rich, creamy potatoes to the crunchy LAY’S topping, it could be that dish that everyone wants you to bring to any potluck dinner.

If you prefer a shareable recipe, the DORITOS Pumpkin Cheeseball is a must try. Who doesn’t love a cheeseball? While this one is shaped like a pumpkin, it does spark some additional ideas. Why not use a Flamin’ Hot Doritos and shape the cheeseball like an ornament for the holidays or a heart for Valentine’s Day. It could be the recipes for all seasons.

Basically, favorite snacks can easily be incorporated into a variety of comfort food recipes. Since people are drawn to flavors, it makes sense that those snacks could be used as a secret ingredient. From Cheetos to Doritos and from LAY’S to Smartfood, the pantry holds all type of flavor inspiration. Isn’t it time that you let that snack bowl inspire some new recipe creations in your kitchen?

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Do you have a great comfort food recipe that uses your favorite snack food?