Melissa Joan Hart shares her recipe for saving the holiday season

Heluva Good! has partnered with Melissa Joan Hart, photo provided by Helluva Good
Heluva Good! has partnered with Melissa Joan Hart, photo provided by Helluva Good /

For Melissa Joan Hart, she found the secret to a Heluva Good! season.

While Melissa Joan Hart might be one of the holiday movie queens, she understands that the holiday season is not always quite as easy as those movies suggest. Sometimes a little hideout might be that holiday re-charge that everyone needs. With great holiday recipes at the ready, every day can be filled with holiday cheer.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Melissa Joan Hart about her holiday celebrations, her family’s traditions and why a Heluva Good! Holiday Hideout could be the ultimate holiday saver.

As a mom, Hart understands that it can be hard to give yourself permission to take a step back from those busy moments. One thing that she hopes that people have learned this year is to “take a deep breath and be with your family.”

Whether those little moments are a holiday movie or something else, those family traditions are  important. In her house, one tradition is getting the family tree.

Hart mentioned that her family gets the tree together. Even if the process takes a small amount of time, the whole family goes and picks out the tree. Then, another day they will decorate it. It is something that she hopes will be special memory for her kids, just like the holiday traditions that she remembers from her childhood.

Since she has starred in many holiday movies, including her new Lifetime movie Dear Christmas, we asked why does she think that people are drawn to these movies during the holidays. Hart believes that these movies offer that hope during the holiday season.

Hart mentioned that the holidays can be hard for many people. From experiencing a loss to being alone, the holiday realities can be different from those holiday movies.

She mentioned that “time watching a holiday movie are filled with friendly faces and happy moments” is that time to feel less alone. Everyone knows that there will be “happy ending.” In some ways, all those movies are a way for people to feel that it will be ok because of that sense of familiar.

Melissa Joan Hart with her Heluva Good! recipes
Heluva Good! has partnered with Melissa Joan Hart, (Photo by Nick Bumgardner/In vision for Heluva Good! Dips) /

Even though those holiday movies have the picture-perfect scenes, anyone can get a little break during the holiday season. Recently, Hart partnered with Heluva Good! In addition to some easy and tasty recipes, the pair is offering everyone a chance to have their own Holiday Hideout at home.

As part of a holiday giveaway running from December 8 through December 17, the Holiday Hideout is a place to step away from the holiday stress and take a little snack break. If you are looking for a place to watch that favorite holiday movie with a tasty treat, it could save your holiday season.

Of course, any hideout needs a great snack. Hart mentioned that she loves the Heluva Good! French Onion Dip. While that dip is delicious served with some chips, she has some tasty recipes that the whole family will enjoy.

One of her favorites, is the Wicked Hot Heluva Good! Chicken Nuggets which uses the Heluva Good! French Onion flavor. The full recipe can be found on the Heluva Good! website.

While many people have fallen in love with the French Onion Dip, Heluva Good! has a new flavor, the Nacho Queso Supreme. If you are looking for the ultimate comfort food recipe, the Heluva Good! Totcho Supreme could become a family favorite.

The biggest takeaway from speaking with Melissa Joan Hart is that the holiday season is what you make it. While there might be stress, a longing to do more or just a wish for more happiness, being in the moment should be a priority. Whether it is watching a holiday movie, escaping into the Holiday Hideout, or just putting down your phone while enjoying some tachos with the kids, those little moments can be the holiday memories that will be cherished.

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Melissa Joan Hart can be seen in the new Lifetime movie Dear Christmas. Check local listings for airings.

Heluva Good! can be found at major retails, Amazon Fresh and InstaCart. It has a suggested retail price of $2.19.

Does food play a role in your holiday traditions? Are you looking to give yourself permission to take a little escape this holiday season?