Julie Chrisley believes holiday memories start around the family table

CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST -- "Wrong Side of 40" Episode 805 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Julie Chrisley -- (Photo by: USA Network)
CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST -- "Wrong Side of 40" Episode 805 -- Pictured in this screengrab: Julie Chrisley -- (Photo by: USA Network) /

Julie Chrisley shares how food sparks favorite family memories.

While fans delight in the stories on Chrisley Knows Best, Julie Chrisley has a way of bringing everyone together around the family table. From her own family traditions to sharing how to create your own family food moments, she has found a tasty recipe for lasting food traditions.

Chrisley Knows Best is must watch television for many people. While the multi-generational family might not mimic everyone’s home, there are many relatable life moments on the weekly episodes.

In addition to the show, Julie Chrisley shares some fun recipe videos as well as hosts a The Chrisley Kitchen. Featuring a variety of traditional, family recipes, these tasty treats show how food and family memories are woven together. Whether it is her husband’s favorite carrot cake or learning how to make biscuits from her mother-in-law, the stories mixed into the recipe are part of the reason why each bite is filled with love.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Julie Chrisley about her holiday food celebrations, some of her special recipes and why it is important to keep family food traditions going.

Although it is an unprecedented year, Chrisley believes that being able to enjoy a family meal together is a blessing. While Chrisley appreciates that everyone is in uncharted waters, the small moments in life need to be celebrated. From spending time together to appreciating the small blessings in life, all of those moments are more important than ever.

Since Chrisley appreciates the little things, she had some poignant advice for home cooks. She believes that cooking is an art form. While those cooking skills do not magically appear overnight, the need to be perfect every time should be whisked away. Each recipe attempt is a learning lesson and, more importantly, creates a desire to continue cooking.

Chrisley mentioned that home cooks do not have to be perfect. As seen in some of her cooking demos, she and her mother-in-law might not have the same approach, but they both can create a delicious meal. In the end, the time spent in the kitchen is just as important as the final dish.

Since Chrisley sometimes has to appease many different likes around the family table, she appreciates a parent’s dinner time struggle. Still, she recommends not being a short order cook. Although there might be one dinner component that everyone likes, it doesn’t mean that mealtime is a smorgasbord of food.

Still, that family dinner holds more than just food to satisfy a hunger. For Chrisley, those family recipes can be an invitation to start a conversation. She hopes that younger generations will take the time appreciate the knowledge and wisdom that the older generation offers.

Chrisley recalled how her grandmother would make her lunch. While she longs to recreate her grandmother’s iconic dessert, she knows that her version might be slightly different. It doesn’t mean that the recipe is unsuccessful, instead it serves as a reminder of those favorite family memories. It is more than just a dessert, it is a connection that brings her joy.

While this holiday season might not have the traditional celebrations, it doesn’t mean that the holiday table will feel empty. Chrisley suggests using this season to spread holiday cheer in different ways. From sharing a dish with a neighbor to bringing family recipes to your own table, a bounty of deliciousness isn’t limited to the people around the table. It is the heartwarming connections between food, family and gratitude.

Since food is a universal language, Chrisley believes that food can be a way to bring her family together. Whether it is passing down recipes to her extended family or teaching others to cook through her cooking demos, that food conversation is the first spark to more discovery. Whether the final dish is Instagram worthy or a less than perfect doesn’t matter. The best comfort food is the one that nourishes the soul through the family connection.

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Julie Chrisley has the Chrisley Kitchen Food blog as well as What’s Cooking with Julie Chrisley on the USA Network website.

What food traditions do you have in your family?