Jamilla Phillip was drawn to the Food Network Candy Land fantasy

Contestant Jamilla Phillip, as seen on Candy Land, Season 1. Photo courtesy Food Network
Contestant Jamilla Phillip, as seen on Candy Land, Season 1. Photo courtesy Food Network /

For Jamilla Phillip, Candy Land was more than just a baking competition.

When Food Network decided to bring Candy Land to life, Jamilla Phillip believed that it was an opportunity that could not be missed. As the owner of Jam’s Cakes, Jamilla has blended edible art with a way for everyone to express their passions. From teaching classes to therapy sessions, it shows that a beautiful dessert connects people beyond that single bite of deliciousness.

For anyone who has been watching Candy Land, the edible art on the Food Network show has been beyond impressive. While many home bakers make take a slightly more simple approach, the baking show is food fantasy at its best. In some ways, it inspires people to think outside of the box.

For Jamilla Phillip, she was drawn to Candy Land for the challenge. Jamilla said, “I’m more of a behind-the-scenes kind of person, so this opportunity was a really huge jump for me. I wanted to push myself this year and be a part of something that brings me out of my comfort zone. I was so enticed by the idea of being a part of something magical that carries so much history. I played Candy Land as a kid and always enjoyed the colors and visual art of the boardgame, so when I learned that Food Network created a life-sized version of it, I was all in!!”

While food fans are intrigued by the Food Network competition, Jamilla understands that cakes and baking can be a vehicle for expression. Even the amateur can learn from the baking process.

Jamilla said, “I actually studied psychology in college and became a Psychotherapist. Art was always a positive way to de-stress, which is why I incorporate it during my therapy sessions with my patients.” Maybe that idea is why so many people find joy in baking that special cake in their own kitchen.

Still, people are looking to celebrate more elaborate cakes. The idea of edible art seems to a big food trend. Although it can be hard to cut into that stunning cake, the visual seems to build the anticipation for the first bite.

Jamilla believes that a beautiful cake can taste even sweeter. She said, “Absolutely. Though taste is important, I always tell my students “people eat with their eyes.” If a beautiful piece of art is presented to you, and you find out it’s edible, it makes for an even more enjoyable experience.”

While everyone longs for that picture perfect cake, perfection isn’t the reality in the kitchen. Still, those successes and failures make everyone a stronger baker. Jamilla said, “As a baker, “cake fails” are in our DNA. Baking is a science and the best way to figure it out is through trial and error. I love my online academy because I make the mistakes so my students

Won’t have to. I have classes for all levels ranging from a beginning baker, to an advanced cake decorator. I even conduct live classes (both virtual and in-person) for any baker who needs extra help!”

Although mistakes are a reality, Jamilla has some simple advice. She said, “Don’t be afraid to fail. Failures are just lessons in disguise. Without them, how can we advance our skills? I’ve been baking for over ten years and I still make mistakes. Just make sure to document when you do get it right to avoid making the same mistakes over again!”

Before everyone heads into the kitchen to bake up some amazing treats, there is one question left on the plate. Which Candy Land area would be Jamilla’s favorite choice? She said, “I’m a Lollipop Woods girl all the way!! There is something for everyone in Lollipop woods. Every size, shape, and flavor of lollipop you can think of, Lollipop woods has it! It’s bursting with so much color and range, I know I’ll never get bored.”

Catch up on all the Candy Land confectionery fantasy on Food Network. New shows air on Sundays at 9 p.m. and episodes can be watched on the Food Network app.

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Jamilla Phillip is owner of Jam’s Cakes and offers online cake artistry classes.

What has been your favorite Candy Land display? Would you be willing to try your hand at edible art?