McDonald’s brings extra holiday cheer with 11 days of free food offers

McDonald's holiday free food promotion, photo provided by McDonald's
McDonald's holiday free food promotion, photo provided by McDonald's /

McDonald’s being extra nice this holiday season with 11 days of free food offers.

McDonald’s is feeling extra merry and its 11 days of free food offers are the perfect reason to embrace the holiday season. Even if that special holiday gift is delayed in shipping or you didn’t get extra whipped cream on your peppermint mocha, this special holiday food promotion will bring some extra holiday cheer. Are you ready to unwrap these free food offers from McDonald’s?

This year has seen a huge restaurant menu trend with celebrity meals. From Travis Scott to J Balvin to the Super Bowl commercial earlier this year, people want to know (and order) celebrities favorite McDonald’s meals. Whether it is a “stars like us” moment or just a craving for a particular menu combination, these special limited-edition menus are a reason place that app order.

For the holiday season, McDonald’s is taking a different approach to the holiday celebrity menu. Drawing inspiration from holiday classics, these 11 days of free food offers will have everyone feeling the merry and mischief this holiday season.

The special free food offer is simple. With a purchase of $1 or more via the McDonald’s app, guests will receive the special character menu item for free. On December 24, Santa’s cookies do not require an additional purchase. From fries to a Big Mac, the free food offers will make many people happy.

Morgan Flatley, McDonald’s U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, said “What better way to celebrate and get into the holiday spirit than with free McDonald’s menu favorites for everyone including Rudolph, the Abominable Snow Monster and yes, even Scrooge.”

Check out the McDonald’s line up staring on December 14 below.

McDonald's holiday free food promo
McDonald’s 11 days of free food offers for the holiday, photo provided by McDonald’s /

Looking at the special celebrity menu items, a few of them are quite funny. Although people can debate the idea, Die Hard is one of the best Christmas movies. While I don’t recall the McDonald’s reference in the movie, that day deserves some special love.

Also, the Frank Costanza Festivus (Seinfield) reference is amazing. While you do not have to do an airing of the grievances, you can debate which free bakery item is best. I vote for the apple fritter.

This free food offer is a great way to end 2020. Everyone is looking for a little extra happy during the holiday season. That holiday cheer is something that everyone needs right now.

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Which McDonald’s free food offer will you make sure to order? Do you have a holiday food tradition?