Should guac be extra on Mylie Cyrus’ favorite Chipotle order?

Miley Cyrus favorite Chipotle Order, photo provided Chipotle
Miley Cyrus favorite Chipotle Order, photo provided Chipotle /

Mylie Cyrus has a favorite Chipotle order, but is it your favorite Chipotle burrito?

Everyone has a favorite Chipotle order, including Mylie Cyrus. While celebrities like us moments usually make people smile, this idea might make you crave a burrito. Luckily for Chipotle fans, she shared her go to Chipotle order.

If you are on TikTok, you have seen many people ask Cyrus questions. The “If Miley Cyrus comments, I’ll do something” challenge has become a huge thing. From tattoos to baby names, it seems that Cyrus has been commenting on a lot of people’s requests.

Since Chipotle is never afraid to take a challenge, the restaurant brand took the bait. In its TikTok video, a Miley burrito challenge was made. Luckily for everyone, Cyrus commented and now everyone can get a Miley burrito.

Based on her comment, the “Guac is extra, but so is Miley Cyrus” burrito is now available on the Chipotle app and The veggie burrito features “guac, white rice, black beans, fajita veggies, roasted chili-corn salsa, tomatillo-red chili salsa and romaine lettuce.”

It is unclear how long the limited-edition menu item will be available, but you can always save this burrito combination and make it your new signature item.

Many people will want to place the Mylie burrito order partly because it is her favorite Chipotle order and because it is a tasty burrito. Depending on how popular this special menu item is, could Chipotle feature more celebrity menu items?

Previously, Chipotle had a Tony Hawk menu item as part of a promotion. Members of the Women’s USA Soccer team had special menu items. Why can’t other celebrities weigh in on their favorite Chipotle orders.

Given the popularity of celebrity meals at other restaurant brands, these special promotions often bring people into the restaurants to place a special order. This idea could be one of the biggest restaurant trends for 2021.

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For now, guac isn’t extra on the Miley Cyrus burrito. If you want a taste, place an order soon.

What is your favorite Chipotle order? Do you like the idea of more celebrity menus at restaurants?