Justin Baldoni shares why the coffee ritual can start the day with intention

Justin Baldoni. © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved
Justin Baldoni. © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

For Justin Baldoni, a coffee ritual can inspire a balanced day.

While this year has been tumultuous, Justin Baldoni believes that positive changes have come from this year of difficulty. Routines of constant movement have been replaced with quiet moments of introspection. Although challenges might seem overwhelming, those moments spark change. For Baldoni, the coffee ritual and thoughtful intention has led to more discovery.

From his popular television roles to his celebrated movie productions, Baldoni has never been afraid to strike his own path. When others shied away from emotional subjects, he championed their voices. For him, the platform that he is afforded is a way to bring light to subjects that need to come out of the shadows.

During our recent conversation, I was given a glimpse into a ritual that Baldoni believes helps him to re-center his thoughts and appreciate that little moment of personal time, which needs to be celebrated without contrition. For him, the daily coffee ritual is more than that jolt of caffeine, it can be a cup of contemplation.

As part of a partnership with Philips Espresso, Justin Baldoni spoke about his coffee ritual, the art of a perfect cup of coffee and why everyone should find those moments to step away from the daily grind. In some ways, the Philips Espresso Fuel for Daily Achievement Contest can serve as that inspiration for everyone to re-prioritize that morning routine.

As people comment on Baldoni’s Instagram post, those stories could spark a bigger conversation about coffee, intention and why people need to be more present in their lives.

During our conversation, Baldoni mentioned that he appreciates a well-crafted cup of coffee. Whether it is part of his Italian heritage or an appreciation for his wife’s culture, he believes that a coffee is meant to be that time to sit at the table and sip. While many people grab that to-go cup and head out the door, others appreciate the art of coffee and are willing to sip and savor the difference.

Baldoni mentioned that Italians spend 20 minutes or more sitting at a table sipping on an espresso. It isn’t that it takes that long to drink such a small beverage, instead the coffee ritual is more than just drinking. It is a time to think, converse or just be in the moment.

For him, the café culture is more about embracing the taste of a well-crafted cup of coffee. Although some people look for that caffeine jolt, he suggests that people stop and appreciate the flavor that can be extracted from freshly ground beans sourced from a craft roaster.

Just like a chef uses care to curate a recipe, a well brewed cup of coffee is the sum of its parts. Although people will want convenience, smarter choices can lead to a more fulfilling cup of coffee that is even more flavorful.

As Baldoni sipped on his coffee, with a little oat milk, monk fruit for sweetness and a touch of cinnamon, he reflected about the difficulty to find balance in life. Even as people spend more time in their homes, it has become more chaotic. From the inability to step away from the work zone to feeling overwhelmed, the desire to be present in the moment seems to have fallen under a shadow.

For Baldoni, taking that personal time to set an intention and reflect brings the compassion back into focus. While some people might have empathy for others, the self-nourishment is just as important. As Baldoni mentioned, that yoga class, moment of mediation or even that coffee ritual shouldn’t come with an apology. Although every choice is a sacrifice, those decisions should not be riddled with guilt.

As people discover their routines, the ebb and flow of life will always intervene. For Baldoni, his family has learned to adapt over the past year. While many people might not be willing to take his cold water shower challenge, the idea of taking even just a few minutes to enjoy a well-brewed cup of coffee could be a fresh start for the New Year.

One story that he shared has resonated with me and has been a thought that I have contemplated over my morning cup of coffee from my Philips Espresso. Although many people say that they may not have time to sit with that cup of coffee, take that yoga class or stop and listen to just the quietness around, Baldoni shared an analogy about an arrow.

Justin Baldoni said, think about how an arrow works. An arrow cannot go forward until the bow is brought backwards. Without that time to reset, pull back and recharge, the arrow cannot soar forward. That analogy serves as a reminder that fulfilling that goal starts by stepping back, setting the intention.

As the new year approaches, let that coffee ritual be the way to set an intention for the moment, the day or even a far-reaching goal. With a great cup of coffee from Philips Espresso and a willingness to embrace kindness to yourself and others, that arrow can soar far.

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Justin Baldoni is a film maker, philanthropist, actor and soon to be author. His movie Clouds is available on Disney + and he will have a new book coming out in 2021.

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