Cxffeeblack looks to spark a conversation by making coffee black again

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Sometimes a cup of coffee is more than a nuanced sip and Cxffeeblack encourages that conversation.

How do you take your coffee? While that statement might sound simple, Cxffeeblack believes that the answer holds more than just a preferred way to drink the classic beverage. When a coffee is brewed with care, the conversation flows in a way that no one ever expected.

For many people that cup of coffee is filled with fluff. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that the coffee holds no substance, it can be filled with extraneous extras. When the coffee is stripped back to the carefully brewed beverage, the extras only hide the true experience.

While many people start their day with that caffeine fix, the drink is consumed without thought. As long as it is warm, tasty and satisfying, that coffee gets gulped in a hurry. There is less thought about the journey from bean to cup or the history of the coffee bean. It is just another moment of consumption.

For Cxffeeblack, its founders are looking to spark a conservation and influence coffee culture. With their signature phrase, make cxffee black again, the brand is looking to change the coffee culture conversation.

Check out founder’s Bartholomew Jones commentary on the subject.

While some people might argue that the cream and sugar are part of their coffee experience, there is more to the conversation than how to drink a cup of coffee. There is a need to appreciate not just the liquid in the cup but the journey to the cup.

Jones says, “Cxffeeblack is a social experiment interested in exploring the impact people can have when they are empowered to live with no sugar and no cream. It’s a hip-hop cypher over a cup of probably overpriced coffee between the people who grew it, the people who roasted it, and the people who consume it daily.”

The best way to come to terms with Jones’ philosophy is to brew a cup of his coffee. While his preferred method uses special presses and ratios, a slowly brewed cup of coffee can help anyone appreciate what a well-brewed, expertly roasted coffee can offer.

Recently, I had the opportunity to enjoy Guji Mane, which is one of Cxffeeblack’s signature coffees. This roast is quite different that that over processed pumpkin spice that people might have in their mug right now. While it might take a few sips to get all the layers, this coffee is meant to be savored, not gulped.

With the idea of brewing better, the coffee has quite varied flavors. While the sweetness from notes of caramel cake might be clear, the ripe raspberries are subtle. Even with a little creaminess from notes of flan, this coffee tells a story if you are willing to listen.

The Guji Mane coffee is a collaboration with Ethons Coffee and Cxffeeblack. It can be purchased online.

Even if you only have a press and go coffee maker in your house, the conversation behind Cxffeeblack deserves a moment to ponder. While that quick brew method might not bring all the nuanced flavor to the cup, enjoying a black cup of coffee could be a moment to contemplate. The reflection from that black coffee holds a picture of history, culture and conversation. It does not need to be clouded with superfluous additives.

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Are you ready to make Cxffeeblack again?