Is the easiest bread loaf recipe really just five ingredients?

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If you need more baking inspiration, the easiest bread loaf recipe is it.

Baking recipes have surged in the past year, but the easiest bread loaf recipe has captured everyone’s attention. Putting aside the sourdough starters, quick breads and other recipe ideas, this five-ingredient recipe could become your favorite comfort food.

One of the biggest food trends from 2020 has been baking. Whether it was a sense of accomplishment, boredom or just necessity, more and more people have taken to baking their own bread. As the delicious aroma wafts from the oven, the anticipation of that first slice builds. Maybe it is part psychological, but that homemade bread just tastes better.

King Arthur Baking Company is a great resource for home bakers. From ingredients to recipes, the brand has guided many bakers to success.

Looking back at 2020 food trends, King Arthur Baking Company found that its The Easiest Loaf of Bread You’ll Ever Bake recipe saw a huge spike in searches. While the recipe name is quite clear, the reality is that this recipe is extremely simple.

With just five ingredients and a relatively short amount of time for a bread recipe, anyone can make a fresh, delicious loaf of bread. You could even get the kids involved to help make this bread recipe. It is really that simple.

Looking at the King Arthur Baking Company recipe, it does have some smart tips. From the using steam to create that perfect crust to yeast swaps, the recipe tips help to building baking confidence.

Although people will marvel at the simplicity of this bread recipe, it brings up a bigger point. Making bread from scratch can be easy. More importantly, it can show home cooks that a fresh loaf of bread is a more flavorful experience.

Instead of buying another loaf of bread from the store, this bread recipe can be used for sandwiches. It is more cost effective, and you can control the ingredients. Given that people want more transparency in their food, homemade bread is that solution.

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If you haven’t made the easiest bread loaf recipe it might be time to step into the kitchen and try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What is your favorite bread recipe? Have you been baking more this year?