Can NERDS Candy and its innovation entice Elon Musk to engage?

Nerds Gummy Clusters, photo provided by Nerds
Nerds Gummy Clusters, photo provided by Nerds /

Is Elon Musk ready to embrace NERDS Candy and its Innovation?

While Elon Musk might be ready to push the boundaries of Space Exploration, NERDS Candy wants him to embrace its candy culture. Between the NERDS Gummy Clusters and its latest NERDS Candy character, Innovation, the Ferrera Candy brand has challenged Musk. Will Musk take the engage?

Sometimes the best way to appreciate a food is by taking a taste. While people can debate their likes and dislikes, those opinions are usually based in experience, not just a bold statement used to capture attention.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Musk commented about candy innovation. Musk posed the question, ““When was the last time there was some good candy? What’s the forcing function for a new candy bar? I haven’t seen one in ages.”

Although forcing function isn’t usually a term used with discussing food and candy, the curious comment got one candy brand thinking, when was the last time Musk took the time to take a taste of some new candy?

Ferrara Candy Company and its NERDS Candy challenged Musk in this tweet.

While Twitter can be a great place to engage and debate, the tweet sparked many conversations with people. Sure, NERDS has been a popular candy since 1983. More importantly, the candy brand has had innovations over the years.

Just recently, the NERDS Gummy Clusters were launched. Looking like a treat straight from the Willy Wonka fantasy world, the crunchy, chewy candy brings candy fans all the flavors and textures that they crave.

More importantly it is new and exciting. While many people love the tiny, sweet candies, this idea is a new flavor experience. Eating the NERDS Gummy Clusters does disrupt the typical way that people have eaten this particular candy brand. It has been a catalyst for change. Although it might not be a part of a differential equation, it is candy innovation.

NERDS Candy has taken the Musk challenge even a step further. In a recent Instagram post, the brand introduced its latest silver character representing Innovation.

Thinking about this idea, why couldn’t NERDS Candy be part of a SpaceX mission. Other candies have gone to space. SpaceX launches rockets from the Florida Space Coast often. Couldn’t the International Space Station use some candy?

If NERDS Candy were to make a specific space candy, it might want to explore some creative flavors. Maybe the candy brand could contact the NASA food scientists for some guidance. Although astronauts do prefer certain flavors, the collaboration would definitely be out of this world.

Until then, everyone will have to wait and see if Musk responds to NERDS Candy. As everyone waits, why not open a package of NERDS Gummy Clusters and taste the innovation that has already hit the store shelf.

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Do you agree with Elon Musk or do you think that NERDS Candy has some innovation in their candy?