Tim Chantarangsu dishes on the appeal of MTV’s Deliciousness

Tim Chantarangsu dishes on the appeal of MTV’s Deliciousness, photo provided by MTV
Tim Chantarangsu dishes on the appeal of MTV’s Deliciousness, photo provided by MTV /

In the new MTV show, Deliciousness, Tim Chantarangsu adds a dash of his bold flavor to the mix.

MTV has a special holiday food gift with its new show Deliciousness. Tim Chantarangsu brings his quick wit and foodie knowledge to the panel. While those epic food fails will have viewers not believing their eyes, Chantarangsu’s commentary will have them laughing even harder.

If you haven’t heard about the premiere of Deliciousness on MTV, the show curates some epic food videos. These food moments aren’t just the food fails. These videos show just how passionate people can be about their favorite meal, sharing food or that family dinner.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Tim Chantarangsu ahead of the premiere episode. While many people know the entertainer from Wild N’ Out, Basic to Bougie and Send Foodz, this new MTV show might be the gift that everyone needs this holiday season. Chantarangsu knows a lot about food and he was ready to serve up some tasty commentary.

Since his mom had a Thai restaurant for 20 years, great food has always been part of his life and food can spark a spirited conversation. Chantarangsu believes that everyone can relate to Deliciousness because we all have been there. From that epic food fail to watching others in disbelief, he knew that this MTV show would make everyone laugh.

Chantarangsu believes that Deliciousness is the “perfect recipe,” almost a “recipe for disaster.” He commented that people love food and people love watching people fail, how could this show not be the perfect combination.

He went on to comment that from the culinary trained chef to the person who likes Lunchables everyone has  an understanding of what tastes good to them. Even though people might not have the same opinion, their own taste buds have an appreciation for what they like.

At the same time, most people understand that kitchen fail. As Chantarangsu said, everyone has been there. Who hasn’t had the time when you tried to make something, but it just doesn’t work out.

Even that similar yet different idea can be seen on the panel, joining Chantarangsu on the panel is Angela Kinsey and Kel Mitchell, with Tiffani Thiessen hosting. The spirited banter draws viewers into the fun. While the stories might not be the same, the ideas are relatable.

The first set of episodes focuses on the holidays. Since the holidays are a time when people often gather together, it can be an unpredictable recipe. Chantarangsu agreed that it is the time when everyone wants that delicious meal, but there is something that never quite goes exactly right.

From the time when your auntie burned the turkey to your cousin dropping the mac and cheese all over the floor, those holiday food memories last far longer than the meal itself. Now, with more people having their smartphones at the ready, there are even more ways to re-live those epic moments.

While everyone appreciates a great laugh, it doesn’t always mean that everyone is total agreement. Without revealing too many details, Chantarangsu mentioned that he and Angela Kinsey are not agreement on fried chicken. Apparently, his take causes quite a ruckus.

Still, Chantarangsu suggests grabbing a cocktail (hopefully one that you will not spill) and watching the week of new Deliciousness episodes on MTV. When everyone could use a good laugh this holiday season, this food TV show definitely brings the merry. Just hopefully, you don’t see yourself in that viral food video.

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Deliciousness premieres on MTV December 14 with new episodes airing all week long.

Are you excited to watch Deliciousness? Do you have an epic food fail story to share?