Angela Kinsey believes that the Ice Cream Exchange saves holiday gifting

Angela Kinsey shares why The Ice Cream Exchange saves the holidays, photo provided by The Ice Cream Shop
Angela Kinsey shares why The Ice Cream Exchange saves the holidays, photo provided by The Ice Cream Shop /

Angela Kinsey knows about holiday gifting, which is why she is turning to the Ice Cream Exchange.

For many people, holiday gifting is both a blessing and a curse. Angela Kinsey has been part of one the most epic holiday gift exchanges on The Office. While that Yankee Swap Christmas exchange made for memorable television, the reality can be far more disturbing. Isn’t it time to solve the bad holiday gift dilemma with the Ice Cream Exchange?

This holiday season, Kinsey has partnered with The Ice Cream Shop’s Ice Cream Exchange so that people do not have to suffer with those bad holiday gifts. Through this holiday event, people can exchange that knitted potholder, inappropriate gag gift or even that hand-me-down sweater for something that they really want, ice cream.

Check out how Kinsey explains the holiday Ice Cream Exchange via The Ice Cream Shop.

As part of this special Ice Cream Exchange event, FoodSided had the opportunity to speak with Angela Kinsey about her holiday celebrations, favorite holiday gifts and the one ice cream that she cannot resist.

For Kinsey, she likes to give personalized holiday gifts. For her, the personal gifts mean the most. She mentioned that this year she might be getting a painting of her cat for her husband (hopefully we are not ruining the surprise).

She came up with this idea because of the bond between her cat and her husband. In some ways, that effort to create a special gift shows how important that person is to the gift giver.

While everyone hopes that their thoughtful, personal gift receives rave reviews, there have been moments when the gift falls flat. Whether it is the gift that reappears when a certain family member comes over or just a gift that makes people say, what were you thinking, not every idea hits a high note.

Kinsey mentioned that one year she gave her husband a baseball hat. While she thought that the rooster hat was cute, the other connotations were much less desired. But, in the end, it was a good laugh because the gift was made with good intentions.

In some ways, the gifting event is the most fun part of holiday gifting. Although the Yankee Swap parties might be put on hold this year, Kinsey recalls an event with her former The Office co-stars. As Oscar Nunez played hard for a certain garden hose, that holiday event showed a little more of people’s “holiday nice” personalities.

For Kinsey, she had her eye on a certain jewelry box. Luckily, she played her hand right so that she could walk away with the gift that she wanted. But, not every holiday gift is gifting perfection. It is the reason why the Ice Cream Exchange from The Ice Cream Shop is genius.

Anyone can visit to share their bad holiday gifting story. After following the instructions, they can receive an offer from the service. Offers include free and discounted ice cream from the delivery service.

While everyone has their favorite ice cream, Kinsey is a fan of the Talenti Layers Salted Caramel. Since The Ice Cream Shop delivers in about 30 minutes, she has been ordering ice cream for her family. It is the perfect way to take a little time and enjoy each other’s company during the holiday season. And, since ice cream is a mood booster, it might even add some more holiday cheer.

Although ordering in ice cream might be a new holiday event, Kinsey does have one holiday tradition that she loves. Every year she orders new holiday pajamas for her family, which they receive early in December. Then, all through the month, they can snuggle up on the couch, watch some holiday movies and enjoy the festive season.

This year take a little advice from Angela Kinsey and The Ice Cream Shop. While the holiday gift sent with love is always appreciated, no one has to suffer with another questionable present. Exchange it for something that always brings smiles, some ice cream.

And, next year, just send ice cream. Everyone will be excited to unwrap that holiday gift.

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