Dairy Dilemma: Can you really freeze milk and other dairy storage tips

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With grocery shopping becoming less frequent, families wonder, can you freeze milk? What dairy storage tips can help your family keep the refrigerator stocked?

A simple question, can you freeze milk? What about that extra pound of butter that you bought because you thought that you were going to bake another dozen cookies? While no one should hoard extra food, food waste is not a smart choice either. Luckily, a dairy dilemma can be solved with these dairy storage tips.

Did you know that you shouldn’t put your milk in the refrigerator door? Since the temperature in the door fluctuates, no dairy (including butter) should be kept in the door. By putting milk on the shelf, in the main part of the refrigerator, the temperature stays more consistent.

And, if you happen to have extra milk, it can be frozen. If you do choose to freeze milk, remember the milk will expand when it freezes. Leave some room in the container.

Also, milk can stay frozen for about three months. Put the date on the container so that you remember how long it has been frozen. To thaw milk, let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.

Since milk can be frozen, it begs other questions, can other dairy products be frozen, too? Butter can be frozen. With many people trying their hand at baking, there can be extra butter in the house. Salted butter can be frozen for 12 months and unsalted butter can be kept for 6 months. So, even if you lost that love of baking, that extra butter doesn’t have to go to waste.

And, cheese can be frozen, too. While it isn’t likely that there is a lot of extra cheese from that cheese plate, cheese can be frozen for up to 9 months. To thaw the cheese, let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.

Lastly, have you ever wondered why there are ice crystals on top of your favorite ice cream? Next time you bring that carton home, store it upside down in the freezer. Yes, it does make a difference and you won’t get those ice crystals.

These dairy storage tips can be helpful as everyone navigates the current situation and beyond. Remember, dairy is a great mood booster. Having an extra pint of ice cream or enjoying a glass of milk can make you feel a little better.

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