Main Event and Brian Baumgartner share holiday office party tips

Main Event and Brian Baumgartner share holiday office party tips , photo provided by Main Event
Main Event and Brian Baumgartner share holiday office party tips , photo provided by Main Event /

Brian Baumgartner knows holiday office parties and Main Event is better.

As the holiday season begins, Main Event understands that the office holiday party might not be the same. Fans of The Office know Brian Baumgartner (aka Kevin) has dealt with some interesting office parties. This holiday season, Main Event and Baumgartner have partnered to show that this  year’s holiday party can be a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

For many people, the traditional holiday office party will not be that typical awkward event. From the person who wears the ugly sweater to the co-worker who enjoys a few too many libations, there is always a story or two that someone will never be able to forget.

This year, Main Event has found the holiday office party solution. Since many people have become part of the online meeting reality, the office party is going virtual. No more being cornered by your co-worker who only wants to talk about those TPS reports. Main Event ensures that this year’s virtual holiday office party is an entertaining one.

By adding virtual experiences, Main Event expands its reach during a time when people need more diversions. With so many other experiences being altered, the holiday party tradition can continue with a little modification.

According to the Sarah Beddoe, Chief Brand Officer, Main Event, she said, “We understand that many companies and guests are still either working from home or generally spending more time at home, which is why the exclusive opportunity to bring the thrill of night outs and team building events to living rooms across the country was an incredible way for us to continue to grow the Main Event brand.”

While some people might think that the holiday office party can be a little tedious, this year’s offering is meant to be fun. Given the virtual aspect, it allows guests a little more flexibility.

To share these virtual holiday parties, Main Event partnered with Brian Baumgartner to show how these events can be the perfect solution this holiday season.

Baumgartner said, “As someone who knows a bad office party or a less-than-comfortable family get together, I couldn’t help but recognize the coolness of what Main Event is creating with Virtual Experiences. They’ve found a way to bring the expertise and experience they have in entertaining guests in their centers to a very unique virtual setting that is like something I’ve never seen before. I can’t wait to go on and dominate my co-workers! Or more likely- mute myself and turn off my camera when I need a minute to myself when things aren’t going so well. Probably better for me than in person as I couldn’t hide it if I was in person with friends and family!”

While this idea has been promoted as a holiday office party alternative, it can be used by families, too. With holiday gatherings being reduced, why not set up an event for all the family members that usually gather around the holiday table. Plus, you don’t have to hear about why you aren’t married, don’t have a better job or have gained too much weight this year.

With four virtual experiences available, Main Escape, The Brainy Bunch, WFH Challenge and So Trivial. Event, guests have an option that fits their needs. Whether you have become the trivia master or just enjoy some witty banter, the idea is that these experiences will make you take a break and hopefully have a laugh or two. Plus, the online, live hosts will keep everyone engaged.

If you would like to book a virtual event, the cost is $25 per person. More information can be found at the Main Event website.

This year, the holiday party might be the highlight on your calendar instead of the event you dread. Isn’t that idea a refreshing change?

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Have you done a virtual party? What has been your experience?