What holiday food tradition is being left off the table this year?

PepsiCo Smiles recipes, photo provided by PepsiCo
PepsiCo Smiles recipes, photo provided by PepsiCo /

Usually, this holiday food tradition tops the must have list, but why has it disappeared?

As the 2020 comes to close, this holiday food tradition is surprisingly missing. While many people have their oven constantly baking sweet treats and the snack bowl is overflowing, one holiday food staple seems to have disappeared. Have you noticed yet?

Recently, Frito-Lay revealed its end of the year snacking and food trends. While some findings were expected, like the increase of online food shopping, other food trends were not as likely.

According to the report, more consumers are looking for salty snacks this holiday season. It seems that those snacks bring a sense of happiness and entertainment to a household. In some ways, that bowl of salty snacks is that little bite that people need.

While some people are looking to stock the pantry with their favorite snacks, the lingering fear of depleted food shelves drives more purchases. Since enjoying that favorite snack brings happiness, no one wants to be left without during the holidays.

Additionally, people are looking to purchase more dips. It seems that the dip category continues to grow. Maybe since food brings happiness, dipping brings that sense of fun with food.

Still, one big holiday food tradition has been left off the table. For many people, the holiday potluck has been a classic event. Whether it is the plate of holiday cookies or grandma’s famous sausage dip, that idea of bringing a plate to share is not happening this year.

From avoiding big parties to not wanting to share food, that classic potluck seems to have been pushed aside. Some how that potluck dish like the plate of broccoli that people would prefer not to eat.

Even though the potluck holiday food tradition is gone, people are looking for various ways to celebrate the holidays. Food will always be connected to celebrations. Even if the table has fewer people, everyone wants a bounty of dishes to enjoy. From favorite recipes to grazing through all the snacks, food is an integral part of any celebration.

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For now, goodbye potluck dinners and it is time to find a new holiday food tradition.