Kristin Chenoweth talks Candy Land and easy holiday entertaining tips

Host Kristin Chenoweth, as seen on Candyland, Season 1. Photo Courtesy Food Network
Host Kristin Chenoweth, as seen on Candyland, Season 1. Photo Courtesy Food Network /

Kristin Chenoweth lights up the holiday season with a little extra sparkle and shine.

From stage to screen, Kristin Chenoweth and her vivacious personality always captivates viewers. Whether you know her iconic voice from Broadway or her popular roles on screen, Chenoweth is such a delight to watch. This holiday season, Chenoweth has a lot on her plate, both literally and figuratively.

As the host of the new Food Network show, Candy Land, Chenoweth seemed like both an obvious and an unlikely choice. While she readily admits that she might not know her way around a kitchen, she does have the perfect personality for this larger than life candy wonderland.

In our recent interview, Chenoweth mentioned that the Candy Land experience was amazing. With Aarti Sequiera and Nacho Aguirre by her side, she was ready to step into this confectionery wonderland. Chenoweth said that the two Food Network stars are “her new best friends.”

Chenoweth mentioned the edible art was quite impressive. While she might be able to transport people into a fantasy world via her roles on stage and screen, these baking teams brought that classic board game to life. Chenoweth mentioned that she couldn’t believe what these “bakers could mold and create.”

While the edible set appeared to be quite tempting, Chenoweth mentioned that it was “no bueno” for her waistline and her wardrobe. Still, it was impressive. “As you walk through lollipop lane,” the lollipops are all there to eat.

Even though Chenoweth might not be the expert baker, she did pick up a valuable tip while shooting Candy Land. There is a benefit to keeping the temperature cool when baking. She mentioned that on set it was cold, which is beneficial to the bakers. While it might not have been great for her voice, it was essential to keeping those pieces of edible art pristine.

Although we tried to get her to share a few more secrets from the set, Chenoweth did mention that there might be a song or two in an upcoming episode. Everyone will be eagerly awaiting the moment when she breaks into song.

While Candy Land looks to be tempting holiday fare on Food Network, Chenoweth is working with Kellogg’s on easy holiday entertaining tips. Even though the holidays might have smaller gatherings, everyone is excited to celebrate the season.

In this partnership, Chenoweth is showing how to create some simple holiday food options. Similar to her recipe of Dip for Dinner this summer, she recommends keeping it simple. Whether you choose to “graze” your way through the holidays or create the ultimate smorgasboard meat and cheese platter, the holiday season will be filled with tasty treats.

For Chenoweth, her holiday entertaining focuses on simplicity. For her, the effort is focused on making the merry around within the gathering. With the help of simple, delicious holiday spreads, it is going to be a special holiday. As she has mentioned, if she can make these holiday recipes, anyone can.

On her Instagram page, Chenoweth has been sharing a variety of simple, easy holiday ideas. From curating holiday platters to even that dip for dinner, the holidays are a reason to enjoy the moment, not be stuck in the kitchen.

If you are ready to kick off the holiday season, make sure to watch Kristin Chenoweth on Candy Land on Food Network on Sundays at 9 p.m.

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How are you celebrating the holiday season? What are you looking forward to most?