Tim Hortons shares how snowpeople connect us during the holidays

Tim Hortons Snowpeople campaign, photo provided by Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons Snowpeople campaign, photo provided by Tim Hortons /

Tim Hortons has tasty holiday treats, but snowpeople are the heart of holiday traditions.

Many people stop at Tim Hortons for coffee and a donut. With so many locations, everyone has probably stopped at a location at least once. While its Dream Donuts and holiday treats bring smiles, this holiday season the brand wants to spark a little different idea. Through its holiday campaign, Snowpeople, that winter tradition is more than playing in the snow.

These new spots bring the time-honored winter tradition of building a snowman into a different light. While people might sing the age-old song, the reality is not every snowman looks the same, just like everyone all around does look the same.

Although that snowman is here for just a brief period of time, it can be more than just another day to play in the snow. That visual can stand as a reminder that differences shouldn’t be the focus. The commonalities bring people together.

In this spot, created by Goh Iromoto, those Snowpeople can bring both happiness and awareness this winter season.

Iromoto said, “What makes this ad spot so special, is that it goes beyond ultimately connecting us to our common humanity. It’s an honour to work on such an impactful campaign celebrating the different cultures, diverse backgrounds and inclusivity that runs deep throughout the veins of so many Canadians.”

With so many people focusing on the differences today, the similarities need their moment in the spotlight. Just because one snowman brings the warm breezes of beach life and another comes prepared for the chill doesn’t mean that they can’t be part of the same world.

Although many people will see the diversity of the snowpeople, a different item seemed more apparent. Each of the families had big smiles and were filled with joy. Whether it was a moment of play or just a happy memory, the smile of happiness will still be there even after the snow has melted.

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What do you think of this Tim Hortons holiday message? What would your snowman look like?