Is food scented wrapping paper under your tree?

Food scented wrapping paper, photo provided by DeMet's Turtles
Food scented wrapping paper, photo provided by DeMet's Turtles /

Are your holiday presents wrapped in food scented wrapping paper?

As you walk by the tree, an aroma other than fresh pine is apparent. Food scented wrapping paper seems to be a popular holiday gift decoration this year. While food fashion has taken over people’s closets, why shouldn’t food take over the holiday décor, too.

Everyone is always looking for a way to stand out in the holiday crowd. Just finding the perfect holiday gift is not enough. The presentation matters.

Recently, many brands have been offering food scented wrapping paper as well as food themed wrapping paper. While these holiday gift options are a lot of fun, just be cautious when making a purchase. Just like that food scented candle, you want an enticing aroma, not a confusing one.

For example, Del Monte is giving fans free banana and pineapple scented wrapping paper. If you want some, simply email starting at December 17 at 9:00 a.m. EST.

Available on a first come first served basis, these sheets will probably go quickly. Just watch out for those Minions, you know that they love everything banana.

Hallmark has a peppermint scented wrapping paper. If you have a fresh tree, the peppermint wrapping paper sets the perfect holiday mood.

DeMet’s Turtles gave away chocolate scented wrapping paper. For the person who cannot resist having another piece of chocolate holiday candy, this food scented wrapping paper was a must have.

Of course, one food scented wrapping paper has made a very bold statement. The bacon scented wrapping paper from Manly Man Co is perfect for many foodies, not just men.

Who can resist the delicious aroma of bacon? Based on the popularity over Hormel’s bacon scented face masks, it makes sense that many people will want this wrapping paper under the tree.

food scented wrapping paper under the tree
Laffy Taffy Wrapping Paper, photo provided by Laffy Taffy /

While food scented wrapping paper seems to be trending, food themed wrapping paper is another choice if you prefer to leave the tasty aromas to the kitchen. Heinz had some perfect wrapping paper for the condiment cravers.

Laffy Taffy took a page out of the old-school wrapping book. Who else grew up using the comics as wrapping paper?

Their holiday wrapping paper is filled with those classic jokes from the Laffy Taffy wrappers. You might get caught up reading them and get distracted opening that holiday gift.

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If you are looking to wrap up that perfect foodie gift, make sure that it has some food themed wrapping paper. Whether it is scented or just food-themed, that wrapping paper can add a little more merry to the holiday season.

How are you wrapping your holiday presents this year?