Cheerios classic holiday commercial gets a 2020 makeover

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The Cheerios classic holiday commercial looks a little different this year.

Just like this year’s holiday celebrations have changed, the Cheerios classic holiday commercial has adapted to the current climate. In response to a request on TikTok, Cheerios shows how families are connecting in a different way this holiday season. Still, Cheerios are on the table.

During the holiday season, that sense of nostalgia fills people’s hearts and minds. From classic recipes passed down from grandma to gathering around the table, those family traditions are the emotional connection to the holidays.

While everyone knows that the 2020 holiday season is not the norm, it doesn’t mean that those emotional connections are shattered. Instead, everyone is adapting to the change.

Recently, TikTok influencer Cori Spruiell asked Cheerios to recreate one of its classic commercials, the one with Grandma Peggy telling her granddaughter about family, all with the use of Cheerios. Now, that commercial has returned, with Peggy and the original baby, who is all grown up.

Check out the new Cheerios commercial here.

And here’s the Cheerios classic holiday commercial.

Comparing the two commercials, they both have that emotional connection that is heightened during the holiday season. Many people might even feel a little choked up watching the commercial.

Still, there is a bigger point in these commercials. Connections aren’t broken this holiday season; they are just different. Yes, people would love to hug grandma, but we want to hug grandma for 10 more holidays. So now, we send her a virtual hug.

In many ways, Cheerios hit the right notes with this commercial. From the original Peggy (grandma) who hasn’t changed a bit since the first commercial to the teenager’s response to having cereal with her grandma, it is the new norm.

More telling is that Christmas ornament in the commercial. While it might not be the most sparkly or expensive ornament on the tree, it is the ornament that brings back all the memories and conversations when decorating the tree.

Again, the holidays are about connections, emotions and memories. Sometimes, those simple moments are the ones that are most dear.

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Hopefully, this Cheerios classic holiday commercial connects with people this year, in a good way.

What do you think of this remake of the Cheerios classic holiday commercial?