Candy Land winner created the ultimate Food Network sweet gift

Contestants Grace Pak, Jamilla Phillip, Jordan Pilarski, Miriam Adar, as seen on Candyland, Season 1. Photo provided by Food Network
Contestants Grace Pak, Jamilla Phillip, Jordan Pilarski, Miriam Adar, as seen on Candyland, Season 1. Photo provided by Food Network /

The Candy Land winner was crowned in an epic Food Network finale.

Which team earned the title Candy Land winner? As the Yellow Team and the Red Team competed to earn the praise of King Kandy, only one team had the perfect gift for the sweetest monarch. Did you predict the Candy Land finale outcome?

Throughout the Food Network competition, the two finale teams have impressed the judges with spectacular creations. While foraging the various candy lands, the teams created edible works of art. Although these magical treats seem almost unreal, each one was quite impressive.

For the Candy Land finale, the Yellow Team battled the Red Team. Although the Yellow Team had racked up three wins in previous challenges, the finale is the only one that matters. Just like the age-old phrase, it matters who wins the war. Only one team will make it to the end of the rainbow path.

The theme for the final challenge was a gift for King Kandy. The Yellow Team received Lollipop Woods and the Red Team received Chocolate Woods. Each team had previous success in these areas. Although the reward is based on the last showpiece, it seems likely that the judges will take the team’s journey into account for crowning the Candy Land winner.

Before choosing a winner, each team had to create their tasting element. While it would be nice to see these elements included in the finale display, these items have been stand-alone treats. Although there is a penalty for losing, the connection to the showpiece needs to be clearer.

Looking at the two tasting elements, Jewel Johnson took the lead for the Red Team. As she has done in previous challenges, she goes big. The tasting element had many components and offered a stunning visual. Although the blondie was slightly dry, the flavors delivered a slam dunk.

Miriam created the tasting element for the Yellow Team. While she drew inspiration from her heritage, the treat had some technical flaws. Since it was too hot for the chocolate to set, the dessert wasn’t perfect.

In the end, the Yellow Team lost the tasting element and had to go to Licorice Woods. Although the penalty does take time away from the showpiece, it isn’t too tedious. With Jordan helping, it didn’t seem like too much of a challenge.

Still, the Candy Land winner would be awarded based on the final showpiece. With both teams going in very different directions, it was hard to compare the two pieces of edible art.

The Yellow Team incorporated many elements into the showpiece. From a moving train that delivered tiny versions of their previous tasting elements to the impeccable miniature kitchen on the display, the display was stunning. The attention to the tiniest detail was beyond impressive.

While the Yellow Team incorporated many elements from their previous displays, the judges felt that the finale display blended into Lollipop Woods. Although the colors were vibrant, it needed some contrast. Given all the detail, it needed to pop out of the backdrop more.

For the Red Team, they took on a difficult concept. By using the idea of a carousel horse as a gift, it was ambitious. Although the Faberge egg topper was lowered to the ground, the display was overall successful. As many bakers know, horse displays are notoriously difficult (and not done often).

Overall, the Red Team had height, gravity defying elements and sculpture. Although some of the tiny details were some mis-steps, they had a put a lot of thought into the finale display. It made sense with the theme.

More importantly, the Red Team continued to respond to the judges’ feedback. After being told that the previous challenge was too small and lacked a wow factor, this edible art display took a different approach.

In the end, only one team could be the Candy Land winner. The judges picked the Red Team.

It seemed that the Red Team earned the title based on the fact the team evolved over the competition. While there were comments about elevating the display as a team, it might have been that journey from start to finish. Or, maybe it was because they did a horse.

Still, the Yellow Team had an impressive display. Those miniatures were almost too perfect to be real. If there was a prize for the best played competition, the Yellow Team would be the winner.

It will be interesting to see if Candy Land returns to Food Network for another season. Some elements of the show were hits and others were difficult to appreciate. While the “Wars” and “Baking” competitions usually have very vocal fans, this Food Network show is still finding its audience.

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What did you think of Candy Land? Did you agree with the judge’s choice for a Candy Land winner or would you have chosen differently?