Tastiest holiday foods to enjoy before the New Year

(Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images for Crown Melbourne)
(Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images for Crown Melbourne) /

Before the calendar page turns, these tastiest holiday foods need to be eaten.

The tastiest holiday foods make the season merry and bright. While people might debate favorite holiday cookies and popular holiday beverages, the reality is that some food is only available at certain times of the year. Have you eaten some of these holiday foods?

Here are FoodSided’s tastiest holiday foods that need to be enjoyed before the New Year.

Pretzel Crisps Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Peppermint flavors

While Pretzel Crisps are a snack staple, the limited edition holiday flavors tends to disappear quickly. Whether you prefer the rich dark chocolate variety or the sweeter white chocolate option, these snacks are sweet and salty. It has become a holiday food staple.

Delicious holiday tables to fill the breakfast table
Stop & Shop holiday offerings, photo by Cristine Struble /


While you might not want to eat that gingerbread house, a good gingerbread cookie is a delicious treat. And, the gingerbread flavor has taken over all type of treats. From pancakes to whoopie pies, that spicy yet sweet flavor is a holiday classic.

Candy Canes

Considered one of the most iconic holiday foods, candy canes are everywhere during the holiday season. From hanging on a tree to decorating a holiday gift, the candy cane is everywhere. Even if peppermint flavor isn’t your favorite, there are other non-traditional flavor options, like Froot Loops.

favorite holiday foods
Epcot Holiday food, photo by Cristine Struble /


For some people, eggnog is either a love of or hate it flavor option. Still, that rich beverage is only available during the holiday season. Whether you enjoy small sip, and adult version or even an eggnog latte, it isn’t the holidays without a taste of eggnog.


While cranberry sauce can be a controversial food, cranberries are a favorite holiday food. From a breakfast quick bread to a garnish for a favorite cocktail, cranberries are everywhere. That sweet yet tart flavor seems to brighten a variety of recipes.

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These favorite holiday foods are just a small sampling of the many options. Whether you enjoy one, some or all of these food choices, the holiday season is a reason to indulge. All that healthy eating and lifestyle changes can wait until the new year.

What are your favorite holiday foods? Do you ever try to keep a few holiday flavor treats hidden in the pantry?